Saturday, February 14, 2009


We got a letter from Chris today! Here are the highlights:

"This is definitely an experience. I feel like I'm being pumped full of information and instruction at a "prodigious rate," as they may say in the Farrell home. I have been shuttled here and there, given a key, given papers, lost the key, given a flu shot (yes, I lived), found the key, gone to meetings, gone to interviews, eaten food (I tried the gravy even though Shamra said not to, I'm still alive), and on and on. I have learned that there are many keys, cards, and papers to lose, and many pockets on my person in which to lose them.

I have also decided to obey each and every mission rule, as we have been asked to often--for example, they said go to the bathroom before meetings so you won't be disrupting and leaving. My companion did so, while I neglected to. 15 minutes in I regretted that. Too bad it was a 3 hour meeting, involving a tour that ran late...

My companion seems a pretty cool guy. Elder Rindfleisch (yes, "rind-flesh") is from San Diego, and is headed off to the Houston, Texas mission. I don't think we will have any trouble getting along. He plays piano, and we are both very interested in music and the MTC choir, so its cool.

It's been coming over me in waves. I am a missionary. I am a servant, an ambassador, for the Savior Jesus Christ. The hugeness of this is becoming apparent, but I am also filled with a deep reassurance that this is exactly where I need to be. Don't worry about me--I'm in great hands. I have felt the Spirit in a very increased level today, and it's just the start.

Alright. I gotta go. Just want to let you know, it's all true. I'm in the right place. Trust our Heavenly Father. Rely on Christ. I'm thinking of you all, and praying for you. It's hard being away, but we all won't regret it! I promise.

Love you all,
Elder Christopher Murray Thelin

P.S. For now, I can email just my family on Tuesdays--but you or ANYONE can email me at the MTC any day thru the site. SO PLEASE DO IT!

P.P.S. All my 12 white shirts are hopelessly wrinkled."


  1. I remember all of those meetings, and all of that information... I believe the comparison was 'trying to take a drink from a fire hydrant'. It sounds like Chris is doing great though. They tell you on the first day to 'just hang in there till Sunday'. Sunday has come, and he's made it. I stand by my words, he was confident, happy, and ready.

  2. He was definitely ready. I'm so excited for him!

  3. Sounds like Chris is rising along a steep learning curve. I am proud of him!

  4. Christopher!!! Yay, another missionary in the family!!! Tom and I are so excited for you! Don't worry though, soon you will have the whole eating schedule memorized! MTC choir is the BEST, we both sang in it. I think the director is still the same guy!! Anyway, we will write soon. We are sooooo proud of you and love you lots!! Jada, Tom, and kealani

  5. Go Chris. That was a great letter. He's going to be a fantastic missionary. I hope you guys are holding up well!