Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Soooooo How're y'all doing today? Sounds better, staying out of the hospital and such. Glad you decided that nonsense wasn't any fun.

Holly, that missionary story is awesome. That's how to be a missionary, no fear, just say what you know!

Man, ok, so cool stuff this week:  I may or may not have mentioned this, but back in December, we were invited to a hospital. A recent convert had a friend whose 8 year old daughter was getting surgery. We were reluctantly invited to come and give a blessing. It was so cool. The whole family was there watching, and as we began, the Spirit came so so strong. The girl, Leslie, just started sobbing, feeling huge peace and joy. Two days later she was fine and left the hospital.

Now, I pretty much figured that the seed was sown and maybe years later this family would remember that moment... but two weeks ago they came to a family night at the church. And then to church on Sunday. We set up a lesson with Leslie and her mom. We figured it would be hard to get them going.... but we sat down with them, and the mom began to talk. She talked about that moment in the hospital, and how she's thought and thought about that Spirit they all felt. Her recent convert friend loaned her all the videos from the church, and she watched them all, and felt peace confirming they were true. She said everytime she thought about the Church, or the two of us, or how happy her friend is, she felt something amazing in her, telling her to keep learning. That was the most spiritual lesson of my mission. The Spirit was so strong as we testified of Joseph Smith as a prophet, and the Restoration of the Church. Then we testified of coming unto Christ and being baptized by one who now holds the proper authority... and by baptism, coming unto Christ and covenanting with Him to follow and obey. She just started crying, the Spirit was so strong. Its cool - sometimes as missionaries, talking to so many people and hearing so much false doctrine that is in the world, one thinks, well, is this all real? Moments like that confirm it all. Its so cool to ask how someone is feeling, and see the tears come and them saying, without knowing much at all, that something they've never felt before is filling their heart, and testifying that is the Holy Ghost, that God is testifying to them. She is getting baptized the 17th of April, without reservations! We are teaching her to read the scriptures and pray about it to get a even more solid testimony, but she talks about her baptism every time we see her.

Karla's baptism went well. None of her family came. It was cool though. Elder Preciado came down from Logan to baptize her, and I confirmed her. Thank you so much for the prayers, they helped so much. I wish I could talk more but the ride is here. I love you all, and I know that this work is true. This is the true Church of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the head of this church, not a man. He lives. He is the Savior, and through Him, we can be cleansed.  Keep sharing the light with others. Sometimes they may not understand at first, but when they humbly ask God, I know that answers come. I see it happen right before my eyes every day.  All can know truth through the Spirit of God.

Love you all,

Elder Thelin

Ps Grandma Pat rocks. Tell her thanks for the package! As far as what she said about my amazing hair, I think I started using gel is all.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Wow, you people know how to live a full day... glad everyone got through ok. Try not to all fall apart over there, ok?

Hmm, where to start? Long week, Elder Preciado left last week to Logan, excited to teach the cows... and Elder Baquedano for round two with Elder Thelin, came in Wednesday. Sweet stuff, its been pretty fun. He's super upbeat and a hard hard worker, so it really helps to lift the spirits and help get things done right.

Hm, so as far as lessons and such go, last week kinda was rough, but we were working hard trying to find people and stuff. By Saturday night I figured that no one was coming to church and felt like dirt. Even Karla called us to tell us she couldnt go - we thought for sure her father was refusing now to let her go to church. We prayed for someone to come to church, and hoped for the best. Its cool how the Lord does His part. Sunday morning we got to church, and lo and behold a whole family came, invited by an American schoolteacher. They have lived in Utah their whole lives and DONT know about the Church. Amazing. Willing to listen. We have a lesson tonight with them. They don't know it yet, but they are all getting baptized. Then another family came - we gave their daughter the most spiritual blessing ever at a hospital in December. the daughter has informed her mom that she wants to be baptized and it is the right thing. They asked US if we can come over Friday. Yes. AND Karla came. Her father was in a car accident and she was going to stay to take care of him, but he told her to go to church. and then, yesterday in our lesson with her, we had no idea what to commit her to do or anything, so we prayed for the Lord to guide the lesson and fill our mouths. We went in, and just started talking... and turns out there's a lot of stuff happening in her life. She's had dreams, read a LOT of the Book of Mormon, stuff like that... and yesterday, her father for the first time brought up baptism, and just asked her "Do you feel sure about that?" GOOD sign, he might trust her to do it... We invited her to pray and just ask if this Sunday is the right day, and if it is, her father will accept. She agreed. I have no doubt she is getting baptized Sunday night! It was really cool, the Spirit was there, and everything is coming together there. Thanks for the prayers, we've asked you, people in letters we write, all the members possible (without divulging too much), all the missionaries here, and even some investigators to pray. It was pretty cool telling her how many people were praying for her miracle, a faith booster. so, thanks!

Well, I hope all is well in VA, stop getting sick and going to the hospital and such. Feed the missionaries well.
I love you guys, and know the gospel is true. Heavenly Father has answered that many times on my mission, in many ways. I know that He will always answer if we come to Him, trusting as a child. Jesus is the Savior, and can heal all things. I've heard a lot about how scary the world is right now. Everyone needs these things, even if they seem to be "all right."


Elder Thelin

Ps THANKS for the st patty's package, was sweet, we ate the girl scout cookies in like 10 minutes, but it was awesome. Also all the pics were fun, looks like a lot of snow. And the peeps projects were pretty professional, I couldn't believe you guys made those... let me know when they win.

Psssh annnnd thanks for the stickers that are on the way and the other package and such :)

Psheigh Its really fun to hide around corners and wait until other people come by and leap out with a loud hog snort. They freak out. especially companions.

Pshejhifhghhh saw a drugged out guy dancing in his room, with the police surrounding his house, shouting for him to open up and shut off the music, with lights and stuff on the window, and him, oblivious, just dancing with his shades on and the beer in his hand... kinda pathetic...

Pss Elder Baquedano invited his aunt to hear the missionaries before he left - she just sent a email saying she's getting baptized on the 10th!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010



That's the main idea of the song Elder P has been singing for well the past week, awaiting transfers. He's hilarious, actually admitted these have been the best transfers of his mission, but he sure has tried to act like he's being released from torture, haha. Oh man, I'm gonna miss him. He has had a rough mission, fought a lot with people, hated it for a while, and even asked a few times to President "can I go home yet?" But he's come a long long way. He only has 2 years in the Church, his mom has cancer, and he decided to go on a mission. Amazing. Anyhow, we've learned a lot together. I wanted to kill him a few times, ha, but we've learned patience and how to bite our tongues and think twice about what we say. And he's like amazing with the people, all the members and English elders LOVE him, he's really quite hilarious in his own way. President told him in interviews last week that he was leaving (nice, he tells us ahead of time now) and he's been saying goodbye to everyone, singing songs, leaving members crying like he's one of the family, very funny. Hope you guys can meet him someday. Well, he'll be here when you pick me up next year (what?) Fun transfers.

SO. Preciado to Logan. I stay here! And to here.... from the depths of Hyrum, born there in October, and has been there since the beginning of his mission, for 6 months, comes.... ELDER BAQUEDANO!!!! Its CRAZY, I was his trainer, his first companion 6 months ago, and we're going to serve together AGAIN. I'm psyched, he was so cool. I didn't appreciate it at the time, and didn't take advantage of his super enthusiasm and love for the Lord and the people... then I got a harder companion, then got a HARDEr companion... and in retrospect, Elder Baquedano is awesome. So, I'm excited for a second chance with him. He's psyched too. 6 months in the smallest city in Utah, I don't know how he still found Spanish people to teach there after 6 months...

Hmm, so yes, transfers will be crazy again, as always - but exciting. I'm SO happy to stay here in Layton. I love the people here. I know every street, I think, all the apartments and trailers. We've started just taking "adventures" and walking down random streets and finding random people. Works. The ward here is awesome too. Our converts are firm. Carla and her family brought cousins to church, and paid tithing for the 2nd time in two weeks. Jesus Lagunas 1) reactivated his less active neighbors (before being baptized; he went over every sunday and pounded the door till they got up and went with him to church) and now 2) is bringing his sister and a friend to church. Its sweet. The Dazza family will love the letter Mom- their kids can translate it (heck, I can translate it) but I don't have the address on me.

Jeffrey seems to have had an adventure in Graceland, sounds fun... and brother Montgomery is the man. Fun family, you should find out where in Ogden they lived.

Good luck with the homework guys...Masses of moles is ridiculous. And why do we need to learn famous Virginians and such? I learned books of such nonsense, and remember probably only a vague outline of history and basic math functions. And how to read. All I learned in Kindergarten...

Once again, Bishop Henry sounds awesome. Last night was an Elder's last night, Elder Alvarez. Hilarious Elder, stayed over at our apartment, and we stayed up talking about the second coming, and all the prophecies about the last days and such. Pretty intense.
I love you all, and wish you all a good week. Just be firm, seek to keep the Spirit and our testimonies, and don't let the world distract us ever. The Savior is the center of it all, and will help us keep our focus if we consecrate our hearts to Him in faith.

Ps. Yes we can play laser tag. Yes. Lip has healed though wasn't friendly to salsa.

Psndoigjsssss.  Holly is awesome.

SDlkfeojhfkjkjkljpssssss. So is everyone else

Ps3 I decided I can see fine. Wore glasses for a week.

Psss5 Annnnnnnd favor: I have to write letters weekly, and always have to write the mission address.... and being kinda lazy in these aspects, could you print out some address  labels or stickers or something??? just with the address, because sometimes I put my name and sometimes I put President's name or something, but just:

Utah Ogden Mission

2133 Washington Blvd

Ogden, UT 84401

That would be AMAZING.

Pgdspgssssssssss Keep praying for our investigator Karla. Father told her that if she gets baptized, she has to find a new place to live. Help. What do you say to someone in that situation? Crazy. Pray.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hey family, How are you doing? So I've got like 10 minutes today, sorry, here we go!

1)A bus ride to Memphis? Jeffrey is crazy.

2) Dentist situation: so I went, apparently a sealing on a back tooth cracked and something got in, he cleaned it out - hah, had 2 shots of novacaine, the first didnt do it, I still felt pain, haha, my face was numb the whole day.  I probably could have chewed my lip off and not felt it. Feels better now.

3) Night on Broadway sounds intense, I'll have to see that later...

4) Not sure if I mentioned it, but went to a lazer tag place and someone punched me in the face with their gun on accident, split my lip nicely, but its better now.

5) Hmm, what else? Carla (who got baptized) paid tithing AGAIN, and Jesus brought his sister to church...

6) Other Karla needs prayers, she is unsure, and her atheist father isn't pleased again. Was going to be baptized Saturday, but we need to see now...

7) Transfers are next Wednesday - my companion is singing a song he wrote "One Weeeeeeeek, one Weeeeeeek" makes me feel quite loved, but that's how Elder P is. Ha. Pray for him. Sheesh.

8) Thanks Dad, I'll send something to Grandma Pat. I'm not sure how effective of a missionary I am, but I'm trying, and trying to think more like the investigators. Its hard to do, but it helps. Its crazy thinking how many people have come into this world without any knowledge of why they are here, and this is their chance to know why. I always had this vision of the mission being perfect beginning to end, and me being at my peak the whole time - I'm learning that we don't become perfect on the mission, that's not the point. The success is helping others come to Christ, focus on them. We need to always do better at putting Jesus Christ first in our lives. Onward... Thanks!

Love, Chris the Elder

Ps Stefan is awesome.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Hello Family,

Glad you liked the package! Sorry it took so stinking long, youd be amazed how hard it is to go by the post office, finally just did it before a district meeting. Will try to get a pic of Rocky the killer dog. Usually eats Elder Preciado's hand when we go by, or slobbers on pants, steals our tortillas while we're eating, etc. The only thing its afraid of are helium balloons - the family had some for Valentine's day, and whenever Rocky came to swipe something from our plate we'd bounce a balloon over and it got terrified and ran to hide. Hilarious.

Wow, sounds like the Washington Post Peep contest is in for some intense competition this year! I've heard a lot about this new Chipmunk movie, a bunch of Spanish kids are always coming up with it in their hands: "Cheep-moonks!!!!" Cute. Holly that sounds crazy, good job. And the Terra Cotta Peep warriors, man, no one will ever know that they are looking at the tomb of a Peep emperor that actually has a Peep inside. Heidi, that sounds intense. Wow. Get some good pics of these, will ya?

Jeffrey, way to keep up the charmed life, congrats on All-State Choir and Varsity Soccer--how the heck do you think straight?

Culpeper missionaries doing magic tricks, eh? We do one about baptism, have water (us, pure) but we make mistakes (pour in red koolaid) then are baptized and washed clean (pour in clorox, all turns clear again) It was the trick that helped Carla's two kids to decide to be baptized, so hey, gets the point across.

All 4 were just confirmed, good stuff. They are so firm. We overheard Carla asking the ward secretary how to submit tithing. Never heard of a convert doing that the day they get confirmed. Wow.

Found more people that are getting closer - could use some prayers - one was going to be baptized Saturday, but now we wait till the 13th, didn't go to church on Sunday. She knows its true, but her atheist father is against it, none of her family can understand.
We've heard a lot about Chile. I mean, there are people in Layton with family there. Rough. The world is getting restless. Yikes.

Cool thing this week: all mission leadership was summoned to a 1st time ever Leadership Conference in Ogden. We met with the director of the MTC in Provo, and the Worldwide MTC coordinator. They evaluated our mission and said it is one of the best in the world as far as focus on our real purpose (bring people to Christ by faith, repentance, baptism, etc) and obedience. They were highly impressed. Then they said they had consulted with President Olson for a few days and identified some areas the mission needs to progress in. We are going to change our focus slightly.  We learned that we are too focused on ourselves - we always evaluate our lessons based on what scriptures WE shared, how clearly WE taught, how many questions WE made. It kinda has felt sometimes like we are there with a wall between us and the investigators, and we are there presenting everything so well, and they miss the boat completely. We learned about focusing on THEM, and how to seek revelation for them. In the Book of Mormon, Alma 26:22 talks about having "mysteries" revealed to us through prayer and faith. Always thought that was talking about some great and hard to comprehend doctrine. They pointed out that mysteries can be people's thoughts, desires, needs, the words they are dying to hear from the Lord. In His service, THESE are the mysteries we should seek answers to in order to help lead others to Him. Cool.

Well, thank you for your conintual support and love. I'm grateful for the restored gospel, and the Savior Jesus Christ. I know its true.

Hasta luego,

Elder Thelin

Ps Parents, do I have dental insurance? I need to see a dentist, I have a back molar that hurts when I bite, my whole jaw, think I should get it checked out. If we dont have insurance, I might be able to get a deal as a missioanry, but I need to know if we have it. And what plan, group, stuff like that. Maybe you could email it to President Olson, or call the mission office or something? It would be much appreciated (YES I have flossed, mouthwashed and brushed diligently. Grr.)

Ppps They were pineapples with little... windows? and doors? they looked like pineapple houses! "Hey doesnt Spongebob live in one of these?" Holly wondered to herself. Suddenly something covered the sun above, and before she knew it, she was scooped up, the rest of the gang was trying to get there as quick as possible but before they got there they just heard an evil voice crying "I am PLANKTON, and you are my PRISONER!!!"