Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Well, you might know that a Thelin homecoming at the airport wouldn't go exactly as planned. We all expected to go to Dulles Airport to meet Chris and the gang (Gordon, Jeffrey and Heidi who had flown out to Utah earlier in the week to spend some time with Chris touring his mission and visiting family and friends in the area). But at some point during the evening it was discovered that the ticket conformation page said the flight was actually arrving at Reagan National in DC. This was a surprise...having bought the tickets months in advance, guess nobody thought to double check we had done it right! Good luck that Uncle Jack was around to catch the mistake. Good luck the plane was arriving at midnight. Good luck Uncle Dan and Aunt Jill were coming with us and could lead the way! Good luck that Jeffrey looked at his cell phone and saw the message from Jan telling him they were going to National BEFORE Gordon tried get them to board the WRONG connecting plane on the opposite end of O'Hare Airport in Chicago! No wonder that the "WELCOME HOME" banner that Aunt Jill bought actually said "GOOD LUCK" because we all needed it!!!! Yes, it's true. Imagine our surprise when Holly and Amy unfurled this giant Welcome Home mylar banner and it read "Good Luck!" instead! It was so awesome. Many thanks to Jill and Dan for the perfect navigating and the festive balloons and banners. Couldn't have been better! Below are some pictures of the homecoming and the adventures of the last few days of the mission experience. We are so excited to have Chris back home with us!


  1. I love all the homecoming pictures! And I'm so glad you guys could still make it exciting :) You Thelins sure do know how to have fun. Chris looks fantastic. Do you just find yourself sitting there and staring at him because you can't believe he's really home? How fun! We love you guys. Way to go Chris!

  2. Welcome home Chris! And Well Done!! Welcome to surreal, Jan! Sam's been home since Sept. and I am still getting used to it. i've enjoyed the blog... here's ours

    Love ya!