Tuesday, May 5, 2009


(Elder Gurrola exclaims as he puts down his weights. 6:20 am.)
"What?" I mumble.
"Well, it's just really cool."
"What's really cool...?"
"The mission."
Elder Gurrola looks straight at me, then, with great pride and purpose, says "We get to help adjust people... so they never have migrane headaches again!"

Now picture that, only like all the time. Heh heh. I'm fairly sure this mission would make a pretty funny movie...

SO here we go... man, it feels like a year since last week, I'm not exactly sure when or where what events were... let's see. Well, Ogden is doing alright. Nice and different as usual. We're still trying to pump up the branch. It's interesting. We're learning things, like how positivity affects things. Our focus is to be positive - and happy. Until we are those two things, nothing will happen. In all our dealings, we smile, talk about our great successes, how miracles are about to be poured out on the area, etc. And we try to be as sincerely positive and happy as we can, even when we have reason not to be. And it's working. People change. It sparks faith. It's interesting to watch and be a part of.

Well, Sunday we're going to be baptizing our first real investigator. Edson Torres. About 30, married, his wife and her family are all members. Cool guy. At first we felt like he was just agreeing and listening because of family pressure. The first night I met him, I sincerely doubted we'd have anything he'd be willing to really accept. And I'm wrong. A few lessons in, his wife told us that she didn't think he would ever be baptized. They told us about some marital problems. Then he started crying. He told us how hard it was, having problems with his marriage, disappointment, debts, living in a new country... and we were able to show him what can get him though. The member we had with us was excellent, testifying of the gospel of Christ on the earth. And things have changed since that night. He is being baptized May 10th. Way cool.

Also, we were invited to teach a family in a member's home (the FBI Ward Mission leader), Familia Valasquez. We taught a short lesson about the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ to the earth... and committed them to be baptized. They said yes! A mom and 3 kids - two teenage boys and a 12 year old girl (reminds me of Heidi). The mom and one boy are a little iffy still, but the 16 year old and the girl told me afterwards that they were for sure getting baptized, no way anyone could tell them otherwise. It was way cool. (and the kids speak better english than spanish, so we teach half and half... relief...) Hmm, ok, another cool miracle - met a girl outside and asked if we could come back and teach - she "kinda" said yes. Which means we come and teach anyways. When we came she said really she wasn't at all interested, she just didn't know how to tell us that - didn't matter, her cousin was there, and we just started teaching outside to them anyways. We've gone back a few times. Seems like they are just being nice. I was thinking it wasn't going anywhere, maybe we should move on... when in the middle of a lesson about what the Book of Mormon is, another guy showed up, Luis. "Hey, we're learning about the book of Mormon, wanna listen?" "Pues, como no?" (why not). Sat down, and was really receptive. Told us exactly when we could come back, agreed to read a part and pray, etc etc - basically, wanting to learn - he actually said we were welcome to return any time to their house, which was not the reaction we were getting from the others... because we diligently kept trying, maybe we've found someone who is sincere and prepared... cool!

And so it is. Some days are more productive than others. But little things like that happen, little miracles. And it's just the beginning.

Heh, I need to learn Spanish... yikes. I'm getting chastized for not speaking much. My shyness-lack-of-social-skills are combining with my lack-of-words and making me a little more mute than I should be. Going to be bold this week and just babble like a toddler, even if its wrong... good stuff though. Hah, actually, the biggest motivation to talk is coming from an awesome guy named Martin Dominguez. Rough, blunt, awesome guy. Baptized a while ago. Funny, goes to Catholic Mass if he misses Sacrament Meeting ("Es el mismo, no?") He's not afraid to say what needs to be said, telling people to get married, stop sinning, etc - and he told me I need to talk ALL the time, and in short, "You need to become a Happy Mexican." That is now my goal. A Happy Mexican. Uh huh.

Ok, well, about time to go. Hey, I think I forgot to say THANK YOU Grandma Pat for the Easter candy, I did find it! And it's a good thing, my sugar stash doesn't get to be refilled often here, heh! Thanks!

Kayla, package: Wow. Kudos to Kelly n Lindsey on the Post its, I approve. The rock... wow. and... wow.

Family: Dad, that sounds so cool about Grandpa Murray. That's so awesome. I hope you got pictures and stuff. Thats the honor he always deserved. Its really cool to know that I have his name. Anyways, thanks for sharing that!

Ok, I'm going to call grandma's on Sunday at 1-2 pm on my time, so 3-4 your time? somewheres around there. I get 30-40 minutes, so yup! We'll have to think up some good stuff to say. But yeah, should be fun!

Ok, we gots to go. Gospel's true. Really it is. We are children of God. If everyone could just go to Primary, they'd all know... amazing how many people don't know their Heavenly Father's plan... but yes, we're trying to fix that. : )

Love, Elder Christopher TELIN (yes, we are getting a NEW tag with my new Spanish name on it, no one can say Thelin.... accent on the i...)

AMY... I want the scooter, my feet hurt!

Martin Dominguez, the man who told me to become a Happy Mexican


  1. What a great letter! We're excited about your Mother's Day call. I'll say hi, but I don't want to take time away from your family. We are very excited about all your teaching opportunities. Just remarkable. Love ya.

  2. lol "babble like a toddler"...buena suerte misionero...