Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I had a good letter written. I really did. I just sent it. And it deleted it. The whole thing. I'm sorry, but now I have to go! GRRRRRRR!

Sigh. I'm sorry. It was full of faith, love, and good stuff. I love you all! Thanks for everything. I'm doing good, people are being baptized, and such!

Love, Elder Christopher Thelin. (best email ever, right?)


  1. I remember this happening to me various times, and it was always a very frustrating thing (especially for missionary moms)! I learned to write my emails in a word document, and then copy/paste it into myldsmail.net to send. Then I would go check my outbox and make sure it really sent. Sometimes it didn't, and I was glad I had a copy of it because I could just try again!

    Congrats on the Baptism! Few things are better.

  2. !Tragico! I guess we'll just have to appreciate next week's letter that much more!...

  3. How very frustrating....for everyone! This happened to Joey once, and somehow the letter arrived a day later, lost in cyberspace for a while. Chris will have to hold those good thoughts another week, and hope the next email goes through. We send our love, and hope he's not too bummed over the loss!

  4. c'mon Aunt Jan, where's the new one??...