Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This may not be exactly how the newspaper headlines read, but as a mom, I was pretty impressed by Christopher's fire story (see letter below, 5th paragraph) and how he and his companion helped out in a time of great need. I looked up the details online and thought this news video and picture gallery gave the best coverage. It was a devastating fire, and it is really a miracle that nobody was injured. We will all be praying for the families who lost their homes and possessions, but are so thankful that the Lord protected them and kept them safe.

In the video, I kept looking for a glimpse of some missionaries--when they interview the Hispanic lady you can see a young man in a suit standing behind her. I have decided that it for sure isn't Chris, but it could be his companion,... maybe? Who else but Mormon missionaries would be dressed in a suit in July during a fire?

We are very proud of Chris and happy that he could offer some assistance during this crisis!

Mom of Chris

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  1. Nope, guy in the suit wasn't Chris. What a horrible fire, though!