Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hello Family!
Man, lots of changes this week, weird! The mission life is all about change, I guess. So is life life. Weeeeell, yup, I "killed" Elder Gurrola last week. He worked up until his last day - it was actually pretty funny, he was going insane -the mission life is compared to real life - before your mission is the "pre-existence", then you are "born" and have a certain amount of time to work and labor, and then you "die", and the dark night cometh. Haha. As we were heading down to the Ogden Tabernacle on his last day, he was talking about going to "heaven", and there he was reunited with other missionaries who were "dead" - then the next day he went to his father (well, his father drove up to him) and he entered a new and higher life.... it was all pretty dramatic. Gonna miss that guy, he was an absolute lunatic, but an amazing missionary. He had a gift with people, kinda like you Dad -- its something I pray I'll develop here. Yup. I'm learning bit by bit.

Elder MINSON is from Arizona - he's pretty cool, it's way different to work with someone who has a blue toothbrush (as opposed to one I had to GIVE to Elder Gurrola, ha) but we're having fun, and setting baptismal dates like crazy! We're trying to save Ogden all over again. That is if his girlfriend doesn't "dear john" him and ruin his life first. Sheesh.

And yes, we have President Olsen here from Philidelphia now - way different too, but it's cool, the Lord uses all of our differences to get the work done in a million ways. He's more business like, but I guess very few people were like the Joyces - President Joyce had a general authority aire about him. Crazy. Amazing guy. But so is President Olsen.... I'll ask about his toothbrush...

Good job on the missionary work mom, that's cool. I haven't seen many Indian people . Come across some Native Americans, though, who do NOT like to be confused with Hispanics, I've offended many by mistake... There are nice ladies that do give us drinks of water when we look pitiful, Mom. We ARE in Utah - even if Ogden is the armpit of Utah, there still are 40% members here. Its just they might have tatoos or something. But yeah, Hispanics are way nice and willing to share, give water, food, etc. They hate to reject people - which is frustrating because they'll say with a smile we can come over at such and such time, and then they aren't there.... or will listen and not be interested at all... that's how it goes. But every once and a while we get the golden one who is searching. Man, Sinesio, that guy who wanted to get baptized in a river (can't now, it's not allowed :( ) had an amazing experience Sunday. He's been iffy about baptism, and we didn't know why. After Sacrament mtg sunday I saw him leave quickly. I ran outside to catch him - I guess, he was overcome by the spirit of God. He keeps talking about how much light is in his life now, how he's been searching for the Lord's church for years, in all churches, and never has been filled like now. Way sweet. 4 baptisms this Sunday - its going to be amazing! Chantal y Carlos are getting married on Saturday and baptized Sunday, Edith from El Salvador, and Sinesio. It's awesome.

Well, it sounds like the family is ready to take a vacation, you're right, that does sound pretty normal. With all of the crazy stuff you are dealing with, it sounds like Satan is throwing a little tantrum. You could expect that. I hope its an amazing experience in Palmyra - I wish I could go, but that's ok. Just be careful to not kill both the cars... you could take the boat...

That was a really cool experience about Culpeper Ward. I do miss it back there. But it looks like it's in good hands - Bishop Henry sounds amazing. Listen to him. Satan is real - he tempts in millions of ways, trying to shame people from being faithful, offending people through gossip, etc. We run into SO many people who have been offended, who went astray for little things, and now don't enjoy the blessings of the church. They talk about how they KNEW it was true, about how they were baptized and life was beautiful, and then they were offended or whatever and stopped coming. Be faithful. The world is on a scary slope, and its going to be hard, but we need to be strong. I'll be praying for the ward too.

Thanks for the scripture, Mom, that is a good one - these missionary scriptures are a lot more meaningful now, ha, but its true, I know the Lord is taking care of you all, and we're all where we are supposed to be.

Alright, we have to go buy food now. Elder Minson is done writing his girlfriend... thank you all for all you do. Good luck with the earlobe, the java script, the boats, the trips... have fun! I love you all, and I know, like Bishop Henry, that our Savior lives and is with us.

Hasta luego!
Elder Christopher Thelin!

P.S. yes we are on bikes, and its crazy... this area is huge, we travel a LOT...
P.p.s. Penguins. they were all around the x-van. "I've got a bad feeling about this" said Luke. "Why, they're just PENGUINS!" cried Holly. Suddenly one of the penguins pulled out a little gun. They ALL pulled out little guns. Heidi remembered something Chris always said - "Platypuses are friends, Penguins are the enemy. " Luke turned on the engines. This was gonna get rough...

Elder Gurrola and Elder Minson, my new comp...

Elder Gurrola, dead... waiting for his dad to come...

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  1. We love you, Elder Thelin! Satan is definitely on the losing team.