Tuesday, October 27, 2009



Sweet to hear about Amy's baptism! That's really cool! Sounds like it was really special. Keep that COMFORTER nearby! The "spiritual toolbox" sounds like a sweet object lesson - I'm not allowed to stay up till 5am (sometimes I get UP then) so my genuis is forced to be used in the thick of the day... I'm excited about the singing you did, when I get home maybe we'll have a Thelin quintet? Congrats Amy!!!

Speaking of baptism, last week we weren't sure, but as it worked out, we had FIVE baptisms on Sunday night!!!! Two sisters, and three of their children, were baptized! They were all related to the family that was going to be baptized but moved to California. This family has come since September, kids sang in the Primary program, etc. It was sweet. They were all there on time dressed in white! They chose members from the ward for all the program, to give the talks, the baptism, etc. Ha, the man who baptized them is our branch mission leader, from Dominican Republic - speaks very loud with a voice of authority, kinda dramatic. "LUPE REYNOSO! HABIENDO SIDO COMISIONADO..." Funny. But good baptism. One of the older people that went to California came back to see it! And just about all the branch came to support them. Way cool.

OK, not much time: maintenance: Yes, got the package! Thank you! Waffle bowl died, but it still tastes good! You could send a card with the song on it, prob won't play in MY camera, but maybe my comps... cassettes are allowed too, but I don't have a player..

Music I can listen to: just about everything. EFY, Motabchoir, LDS artists... music I've looked at might be "trek" ,"Reflections of Christ sountrack" (look it up, heard it was cool, sweet photography project...) and really anything that looks cool! Music always welcomed!

Ok, well, I've got lots of thoughts, and comments, but good luck on everything, stay firm and learn from each day. I really can't remember life without being focused on important things, hopefully its possible to stay focused... get more sleep! Important! snowed here for first time, winter may be reeeeeeeally fun... and cold... wash hands, swine flu is scary, haven't received vac's but might, mission is trying to order them. Pray and don't worry... WAIT is it a RENTAL spaceship car you are talking about, or is it really OURS? Every sheep is way important, help them all! Good job JEFF, keep it up, that's my browski, Jeffrey BEASTLIN (my nickname here now...)

LOVE YOU ALL! I know its true. Jesus Christ lives. This is His Church. I've felt it confirmed to me over and over. I have a testimony of agency, we CAN always choose the right. DO IT!

Love you all!
Elder Thelin the Christopher Beastlin


  1. BEST STORY EVER!!! That lady sounds AWESOME! I got like way excited. lol, keep up the good work elder beastlin...

  2. p.s. since ur low on options...you feelin' more inclined toward listening to josh groban now?....