Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Hey Family!

How's it goin? Sounds like life is still normal and crazy, huh? YES, it did snow here - stopped us from driving through the canyon to Brigham, we felt really bad about going, so we turned around - the snow is coming, oh boy... Dad, all the precautions that you were warning me about and that I wasn't paying much attention to - grips on shoes, extra coats, scarfs, etc - well, you knew what you were talking about, sorry. Should be absolutely delightful, whee...

YES, I did get the package with all of Amy's baptism pictures! The talks are awesome, the pics look great- Amy was very cute - I mean cool - and I was excited to see part of the day! Ha, that was cool, I did write that down about my baptism. Excellent, because I REMEMBER feeling that way, but I have proof now! I talk a lot about that day with people, so I'll start enhancing it now.

AND the Halloween package! Got there on Friday! Very nice. We loved carving a tiny pumpkin, I managed to get a sweet Angel Moroni carved in while we were stuck at home. Ha, I agree with Ryan, Halloween is weird, not the same spirit as Christmas - its hard teaching a gospel message with a zombie on the doorstep with you... and Jeff, clever. Facebook sheesh.

On our end here, we had a sweet Sunday - the five people who were baptized were confirmed. Also a new baby was blessed, and after we bore testimonies. I felt the Spirit way strong there, we got up and testified to the 5 and also the other woman who was baptized in September that they were in the right place, that they were feeling the Spirit. Way powerful. We were quite excited for them.

Congrats Jeff on track! Don't hurt yourself, but keep going for it! Heidi, excellent with the chorus! Amy, keep making goals! and HOLLY! Happy birthday, kiddo! What do you think you're doing turning 10??? You're not supposed to grow up! Horse shows, and all - you're turning into a pretty cool kid, and I wish I could be there Sunday! I love you muchly, and hope you have a wonderful birthday. Keep being cool and I love you very much!

Well, sweet - we're anxiously awaiting the transfers next week, I refuse to believe time moves the same in Utah, seems so much faster, but we'll go with the flow. This Gospel is true. I know it is true. Jesus Christ lives. We talk a lot about Him, about how He heals, He can redeem us, but its more than just talk. Its true. He is willing to forgive, He is willing to stand by us, to lift us, comfort, empower. I have a strong testimony that when we try to go it alone, nothing works - in this mission, in all of the Lord's work, success is only acheived through HIS help. I've seen that here; when I am prideful, and concerned with my numbers, my lesson plan, my responsibilites, my my my, NOTHING happens. I break my back and do a whole lot of what I think is right, and NOTHING turns out. Faithful investigators cancel, baptismal dates are lost, people don't come to Church... and then comes the humbling moments where it all comes clear again and we pray for HIM to make it work out. Last night that basically happened, and we stopped at 8:30 outside a house, feeling maybe we should knock, but maybe not, so we get out, and a random little old man speaking spanish walks out of the woods and toward the house, so completely random in that part and that time in the cold, and we talked and then he told us to talk to his friend too, so we'll see where it goes. Crazy. But I know He lives. We're not alone here, He is going to lead us along.

Listen for that love, seek that peace and companionship. It all sounds nice, and its beautiful when it becomes a reality. We need to take our troubles to Him, and let Him fix them all. He lives, and loves us, and He will never leave us. THis is His Gospel, His Church, His power.

Alllllrighty, family, I love you all, happy birthdays and pagan holidays and luck and prayrs to all!

-Elder Thelin

PS Fortune cookie: Even the Greatest of Whales is Helpless in the middle of the Desert. I figure its inspired. They got tired of "Riches will appear in an unforseen avenue" and all that jazz...

PPS E Gurrola's address... oops

PPPS Coat works, and I found boots as an apt treasure, we'll see what happens as it freezes over more here... thermals and such will be a must..


PPPPs THE SQUIRREL SAID: "Squeak squeaker sqeak sqeaken" Holly lit up and began to jabber away with the squirrel. The llama was trying to get Heidi to change him back into a human, and was very persistent. "I CANT DO THAT!" Heidi said. "I don't know how, ok? Hey, stop eating my sleeve! CUZCO, cut it out!" Suddenly, the shouting echoed in the valley. The group looked up the mountain side and saw... an army of Inca indians! coming right down towards them. "GREAT. THIS guy again," said Cuzco. A man was running in front of them, wearing a pretty cool fedora, carrying a pretty ruby red crytal, and trying to whip the Indians behind him and dodge the spears. "What's he shouting?" asked amy. "Sqeaker sqeak!" said the squirrel. Holly translated "Mr. Squirrel says he think he's saying RUN...."


  1. Great letter! That sounds like a wonderful Sacrament Meeting, literally overflowing with blessings. You are terrific, and I'm laughing at what you said about the zombie on the front doorstep! I agree! Time for the warm fuzzy holidays. Love you. Stay warm.

  2. Dear Christopher, I miss you. You better be working hard. Also write me, JERK. Ojala que te va bien. Siga adelante. Luv, ur cuz