Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Feliz Navidad!

WOW this week HAS been crazy, on all sides of the Thelin Family. Goodness. Good job surviving the YW in Exellence, plays, birthdays, minor snow flurries, etc! I would love to see that play... in a year and 2 months (where is it going??) Ha, ok family, 4 inches of snow. Ok, so this morning we slept over in Bountiful as a zone to be here for a P day activity. We slept in a church building watching the movie "The Testaments" last night, and slept on the floor. FREEZING. Wake up... about 6-10 inches of snow and still climbing... I'm learning to drive in the snow, new adventure... 10 miles an hour is way fun...

And BOY have we seen miracles this week! This transfer has been a slow one, trying to solve problems here and there, organize the area, life, missionaries... we thought no people were going to be baptized this month. But something clicked after Thanksgiving. We picked up two baptismal dates. Then, another man that has listened for 6 months accepted baptism. Then a 10 year old came from El Salvador, reunited with his family, and wants to be baptized. And THEN a 22 year old who is living here with a family for one more week called and said he wants to know how to become a member of the church. In one week. Baptism scheduled for every Saturday this month now. Miracles. So cool!

When did Jeff get contacts? Was that before my mission? Vague memories of former friends and family...

Sweetness. Other good happenings... we are singing in a Spanish Elders Quorum choir next sunday for sacrament meeting (Elders Quorum is the same in Spanish or whatever language. Funny) I am now playing PIANO for sacrament meetings. Excellent. We found many people this week. Hmm, my apartment is still sweet...

OH so, I'm not sure yet, but I think my contacts are going bad. Rather, my vision is going bad. Grr. I know. I'm an idiot. But I'll see. I can get a free eye exam here, and know a guy that gives missionaries 1/2 off glasses (maybe contacts too...) so, I'm going to check. Heh. Grr.

And hope Heidi's birthday went well! Was it fun? Do you feel old now? Like a teenager? Yikes, you're OLD, and just starting the fun! Happy birthday Heidi, miss you lots! And happy birthday Grandpa! Hope all is well and you are enjoying life! Are you making good use of the saxophone? Funny, I miss playing it sometimes, just want to hear some jazz. And most of all miss coming over to your house and seeing you, Sunday is a little different without that! Hope that your birthday was great, your Christmas is white, and all is filled with the Spirit of Christ!

Congrats Robert on your baptism!

Dad, you're amazing. In the video of our lives, I'm probably hitting replay a lot for your life, to catch the awesomeness of those deep sleep comments... hahahahha... Hilarious stories mom.

Well, family, I love you all very much. I know that this crazy thing I'm doing is true. That God lives. That Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World, the Savior of all people, MY Savior. He forgives, comforts, strengthens and guides. Follow Him. It requires childlike faith. This past week I have grown towards Him. Seek Him out - I know He lives. What mom and dad are teaching you is true. Follow their examples, and remember our Heavenly Father. This is not just a Church - it is the Kingdom of God. It is true. We were sent here to earth to be special, to be strong and brave and righteous, and help all our other brothers and sisters everywhere to come and be happy, and make good choices. Our Heavenly father has given us SO much by giving us our two parents, our cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, this church, friends. I've never appreciated that like I have here. We've grown up in a fairytale, our home has been more like heaven than I realized - there are billions that can't even imagine a home and family like ours. I'm glad to be here to try to change that.

I love you all, and wish you a Happy birthday Jeffrey, happy Day of the Ninja on the 14th, and a very Merry Christmas!!

Love, Elder Christopher Thelin

PS The neverending story....They shuffled on board, and sat down. A few crazy penguins wearing backwards eye patches were lounging around, popping open some sparkling cider and sloshing it everywhere trying to serve up some glasses for the guests (and doggie dishes for the dogs). "What is this?" asked Holly. "This? This is nothing. This is just the old clunker we took to get OVER here. No, my pinkish biped friends - and canines - the REAL gem is down BELOW. The submarine is-" Suddenly ther was a loud boom outside the pirate boat...


  1. What amazing successes! You are having an UNBELIEVABLE mission! Way to go with the piano!! Love you and miss you.

  2. Yes!! Fellow ward pianist, good luck! Guess we'll both be getting better at the pianer than we thought. Seems like you've got a handle on Placentero Nos Es Trabajar...