Tuesday, December 1, 2009


December 1, 2009

Yolah! How's everyone doing? Happy Thanksgiving! It was weird, this family called us while we were at Grandma's house, who could it have been? Haha, no that was funny, sorry I couldn't talk. Yes, I said "I no a speaky English, Call back on Navidad!". Sorry for being lame and obedient - I considered talking a minute or two, but I felt bad for Elder Tetelpa, that was a huge sacrifice for him, letting me see my family and him not getting to seeing his - I'm not sure if I told you that, but he was born in Vera Cruz Mexico, but he's lived in Salt Lake City - no kidding - for years. Was going to Chicago on his mission, but they switched it last minute. He's kinda affected by that, we can see Salt Lake City from our area, and I think he was feeling like we should just take a 10 minute drive south after Grandma's. But yeah - anyways, it was a good time there! Awkward, ha, feeling like I was back in time or something, but your'e right, it totally helped me recharge and get a fresh perpective on life, remember what it feels like to be with family and not just talk about it. And thanks so much Grandma and Grandma Baer, Kayla, Amber and Sam for helping that all to work out! Hopefully I wasn't too weirded out by seeing family, but it was fun! Pie was EXCELLENT.

Good job on the driving adventure to the bowling alley, Jeffrey. Study the maps, dude. I spent like 100 miles the first day in this area, wrong turn after wrong turn...

I like the talks, that's cool - both good suggestions, sounds like a missionary style talk, hah. WE had to give talks too this weekend, we were preparing for like 7 minutes, then they called and said oh, could you do more like 12 each? Yeah, sure..... but it was good, we spoke about guess what, missionary work. I talked about light - I found an old email you sent mom at the start of my mission, and stole some off that - but talked about the light we have in our lives, how we obtain light when we recieve a testimony, and how we can share the light with others, how their faces change as we teach them. It was fun, and a whole bunch of members loved us after, offering us Christmas dinners and help and referrals. Sweet.... and we had a successful week! We found a bunch of new people, and got two people accepting baptismal dates, which has been a struggle for a while here, but its starting to pick up! Starting to work better and learn how to work here.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEIDI!!!! HOW'RE YOU DOING KIDDO??? How the heck are you a teenager? I hope your birthday is awesome Heidi, and you can eat a ton of cake and stuff! I love you a ton, and am always talking about you to people. You're awesome, and I miss you tons!

Allrighty, I gotta go - my comp doesn't email and is ancy waiting for me, so, love you all! I know this is the truth. We are so blessed in our lives it's ridiculous. Jesus is the Christ, and He is here to help us. I'm looking forward to growing closer to Him as Christmas comes closer!

Love, Elder Thelin

PS No string no necklace, Frank and Bob... yet, hah

PPS AND THE SHIP SAILED UP, with the gang watching on the shore. "What's it doing asked Holly. It was turning, and the cannons were turning towards them. "Uh oh" said the Platypii. "What?" said Heidi. "Pirate Penguins..." he said as he put his platypii hands up in the air...

PPPPS Got the address! Very funny Kayla. Thanks for coming all the way to Grandma’s house to give it to me.

PPPPPPs Megan Frary, tsk tsk tsk. She couldn’t wait for me. Hahha.



  1. So great to hear about your Thanksgiving, and your talk sounds wonderful. I hope you can enjoy the coming Christmas season, and will always remember the first Christmas you ever had as a missionary for the the Lord! (Also, wow, what a successful week! Do you realize what an amazing mission this is???)

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  3. Yay Christmas!! Indeed it was good to see you again, good job being positive, and good job on your talk. I'll be expecting those letters which I should have received already with great anticipation.