Tuesday, February 23, 2010



Ok, so first off, yes! We had our Quadruple Baptism! Best baptism of the mission by far. Jesus Lagunas was really nervous, but did well. We rushed interviews and last minute lessons to teach everyone and get em ready. Over and over we've heard Carla say "This is the right thing... I know this is right." Amazing lady. From the first time we knocked her door to now, huge changes.

We were so nervous Sunday. Dropping everything, running around like crazy, calling people, inviting everyone we met to come to the baptism. But it worked out - almost blew up the gas heater filling the font, smelled a lot of gas, but we grabbed a bishop and he banged on it some till the pilot light lit again... anyways, sweet baptism, Spirit was strong there. Almost the whole branch showed up. A brother from the branch baptized Jesus, Elder Preciado baptized Carla and Bryan, and I baptized 8 year old Aalyah (a-lee-ah) - great family (Aaylah told me not to say the word sweet anymore - "its weird" - apparently I say it a ton). They looked amazing all in white, and their smallest sister, who is 3 - so funny, cute Spanglish - was also in a white dress, the pictures look great. Afterwards we presented Jesus and Carla with their own scriptures with their names embossed and our testimonies written in them- good day.

We've been quite quite busy, and its not over - the Lord is pouring people into our path. A guy we contacted drunk a month ago finally opened the door again - never has gone to a church, or anything. Taught him for 20 minutes. After our testimonies, we asked how he felt. Fun question, every lesson. He said "Peaceful. I don't know why, but I just feel really really good and peaceful." Accepted a baptisimal date for march 20th - I think he surprised himself. The Lord works miracles.

Grandma and Grandpa studied the church for 6 months? That gives hope - there are some people here who have heard off and on their whole lives. We'll keep up hope for the 6 month ones. Actually, you are definitely right mom, I have learned that about 4-5 of the people I've taught have been baptized later on. Samuel from Riverdale was basically an achololic, 20 years old, but he's changed 100% now - I taught him for 4 1/2 months, but he is baptized now. Its cool.

Ha, though you would like the phone call - the Dazza family are super - give us seafood once a week - Shrimp of the Devil (don't ask), fish, etc. Fun family, they took pictures because the missionary that actually baptized Elder Preciado came for dinner, so yeah. I think all that was within the rules. Whatever. The kids speak english, so feel free to write in ingles.

Sounds like the Magura wedding was perfect. A samurai sword to cut the cake? Sounds like Katherine found the perfect match. Amazing.

Congrats on States Jeffrey, what the heck, way to underestimate yourself! Btw I found a kid - one of the familia Dazza actually - who is your Hispanic twin, looks like you just brown...

Good job Heidi! That's so cool about getting the part of the magic carpet in Aladdin- can you fly?

The familia Bucaro still wants to know if Holly wants their crazy dog Rocky.

Amy -keep being cool.


I love you all a lot, and am always thinking of you all. Keep being good, and following the gospel. I know it is true. The Spirit is a real gift that we have - I know it will guide us and comfort us.


Elder Thelin

PS. the giant paper crane swooped down...and picked up Holly, taking her to the island of Hawaii...