Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Hello Family,

Glad you liked the package! Sorry it took so stinking long, youd be amazed how hard it is to go by the post office, finally just did it before a district meeting. Will try to get a pic of Rocky the killer dog. Usually eats Elder Preciado's hand when we go by, or slobbers on pants, steals our tortillas while we're eating, etc. The only thing its afraid of are helium balloons - the family had some for Valentine's day, and whenever Rocky came to swipe something from our plate we'd bounce a balloon over and it got terrified and ran to hide. Hilarious.

Wow, sounds like the Washington Post Peep contest is in for some intense competition this year! I've heard a lot about this new Chipmunk movie, a bunch of Spanish kids are always coming up with it in their hands: "Cheep-moonks!!!!" Cute. Holly that sounds crazy, good job. And the Terra Cotta Peep warriors, man, no one will ever know that they are looking at the tomb of a Peep emperor that actually has a Peep inside. Heidi, that sounds intense. Wow. Get some good pics of these, will ya?

Jeffrey, way to keep up the charmed life, congrats on All-State Choir and Varsity Soccer--how the heck do you think straight?

Culpeper missionaries doing magic tricks, eh? We do one about baptism, have water (us, pure) but we make mistakes (pour in red koolaid) then are baptized and washed clean (pour in clorox, all turns clear again) It was the trick that helped Carla's two kids to decide to be baptized, so hey, gets the point across.

All 4 were just confirmed, good stuff. They are so firm. We overheard Carla asking the ward secretary how to submit tithing. Never heard of a convert doing that the day they get confirmed. Wow.

Found more people that are getting closer - could use some prayers - one was going to be baptized Saturday, but now we wait till the 13th, didn't go to church on Sunday. She knows its true, but her atheist father is against it, none of her family can understand.
We've heard a lot about Chile. I mean, there are people in Layton with family there. Rough. The world is getting restless. Yikes.

Cool thing this week: all mission leadership was summoned to a 1st time ever Leadership Conference in Ogden. We met with the director of the MTC in Provo, and the Worldwide MTC coordinator. They evaluated our mission and said it is one of the best in the world as far as focus on our real purpose (bring people to Christ by faith, repentance, baptism, etc) and obedience. They were highly impressed. Then they said they had consulted with President Olson for a few days and identified some areas the mission needs to progress in. We are going to change our focus slightly.  We learned that we are too focused on ourselves - we always evaluate our lessons based on what scriptures WE shared, how clearly WE taught, how many questions WE made. It kinda has felt sometimes like we are there with a wall between us and the investigators, and we are there presenting everything so well, and they miss the boat completely. We learned about focusing on THEM, and how to seek revelation for them. In the Book of Mormon, Alma 26:22 talks about having "mysteries" revealed to us through prayer and faith. Always thought that was talking about some great and hard to comprehend doctrine. They pointed out that mysteries can be people's thoughts, desires, needs, the words they are dying to hear from the Lord. In His service, THESE are the mysteries we should seek answers to in order to help lead others to Him. Cool.

Well, thank you for your conintual support and love. I'm grateful for the restored gospel, and the Savior Jesus Christ. I know its true.

Hasta luego,

Elder Thelin

Ps Parents, do I have dental insurance? I need to see a dentist, I have a back molar that hurts when I bite, my whole jaw, think I should get it checked out. If we dont have insurance, I might be able to get a deal as a missioanry, but I need to know if we have it. And what plan, group, stuff like that. Maybe you could email it to President Olson, or call the mission office or something? It would be much appreciated (YES I have flossed, mouthwashed and brushed diligently. Grr.)

Ppps They were pineapples with little... windows? and doors? they looked like pineapple houses! "Hey doesnt Spongebob live in one of these?" Holly wondered to herself. Suddenly something covered the sun above, and before she knew it, she was scooped up, the rest of the gang was trying to get there as quick as possible but before they got there they just heard an evil voice crying "I am PLANKTON, and you are my PRISONER!!!"

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  1. Killer canines and killer molars? Sounds a little perilous to me. Hope that gets fixed pronto. Love hearing about Carla and family, and wishing them well. Also like the focus on the investigator....good principle for teaching any class's about the student and how they receive the message. Good thoughts. Love YOU!!