Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Halloo family,

How it be? You're right, the annual rollercoaster of events isn't happenning for us, no book fairs, projects, plays, soccer games, or concerts - just missionary work! Kinda nice... Hahahaha next year? Chauffer? Maybe! - I've basically had planned I'd stay and work in VA and try to pay some of my own way for the next semester of college, maybe go back to BYU in the next fall... just thoughts, not that I'm planning extensisvely yet.... (10 months left, crazy everyone always says ph almost done? NO. Cmon folks, dont rush me :) )

Baptism was great. Leticia got baptized at 4 pm. Her little daughter didn't yet- soon hopefully. Leticia was so happy. She invited EVERYONE. I performed the baptism. She was crying the whole time. Very strong. Several family members came and just cried the whole time, with members by them telling them that what it was that they were feeling for the first time: "This is the Holy Ghost."

Also a 20 year old named Jorge - I love Jorge, I feel like he's a good friend. Maybe because he speaks to me in English or he's my age, but he's awesome. He's battling some hard times right now, but coming to Christ. He cried at the baptism too. Pray for him.

Volcanic ash? What the heck - I've heard we've had 7 major earthquakes since the new year started, and now this? Listen, world...... I like how you ended that epic paragraph Mom depicting the possible end of the world scenarios with "Haha. Wild stuff." You are funny.

Attic fan... wow I miss home sometimes, hahaha.

It's true, that scripture you quoted. We can't do anything without the Lord's help. I mean, we CAN, but it will fail eventually. If we rely on Him, He has power to change everything. Last night we taught a lady who had been studying a different church for the past year and was really questioning about Joseph Smith and as we explained, she began to get it. Then explain it to her husband. Then we mentioned Jospeh was killed and how his family suffered greatly - and she basically quoted that epic talk by Jeffrey R Holland last October - "Would he really have held up a farce, lied when his FAMILY, friends, etc would suffer? Would he REALLY testify of a false book with a mob charging to kill him and his loved ones?" She told us that, and how she really could believe it, for once, it was enough for her, and the Spirit came so strong. I felt it just filling me and testifying that the things she was realizing were true, and he was a prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ, that this IS HIS Church, and the Book of Mormon IS true, and the Bible IS the word of God. Amazing.

Love you all, be faithful,

Elder Christopher Thelin

Ps Jeffrey is crazy. What a life. Enjoy it. Sheesh. haha (btw, I'll have to introduce you to Belt Wars. Despite firm commitments to not make warfare with the English Elders, its a little hard not to retaliate. On your mission, you should be better than that... holy cow... Dad, hope stuff like that sounds familiar from your mission...)

Ppps Grandma and Grandpa, hope you guys are well, and happy. Sometimes relxing at your house is definitly something I miss - I'd love to talk with you both for just an afternoon, hear about life, your views on things. You're both such super examples to us, and just fun to be around. I'll try to write a full blown letter sometime, before February, haha.

Ppps Sisters: writing letters today. Be excited.

Psnspos Rest of family, you're awesome.

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  1. Another baptism? Fabulous. Love the story of the husband of the investigator...perfect questions. Hope all is well, sending love.