Thursday, April 29, 2010


PERU?? That's crazy! I think thats the farthest we've had in the family for a while, right? Germany was pretty far, I wonder which is farther. Dude, Peruvians are so cool. They are pretty prideful of their country, but I like the people from there... congrats to Steven. He should come up and do splits one day in Ogden :) heh...

Wow, long week. Had interviews with President and we begged to stay together - luckily this morning they called and confirmed that! Elder Baquedano again in Layton, the best branch in Utah. I love Layton. We actually heard rumors of a temple being constructed here - a small plot of land was reported to have been bought by the Church and many have seen President Monson walking around it with a group of people.... would be cool, to know we've helped increase the level of members needed here by 8 people... the people are all excited here too to have us. We are teaching a family that usually has at a bunch of kids listening, said they couldnt get baptized if we get moved. We've found a lot of sweet families lately. We've decided to consecrate all and be 100% obedient and contact EVERYperson, even if they growl at us (has happened).

So many good things here. Wednesday, we taught a family home evening at the Church. We had almost all the investigators show up - and also we heard someone that has never talked to missionaries was coming - a daughter in law of Leticia (the lady who got baptized). So, we talked about prohpets, and then for the millioneth time tied in the Restoration of the Gospel. The lesson wasnt making much sense, standing in front of 20 investigators and more members. I began to pray, just begging for the Lord to take over and touch their hearts. As I did I felt something grow - warm, peace, of course, the Spirit. But it came more and more, until it filled the room. As he spoke, the Spirit touched everyone there. My companion said after that he was trembling because of the power he felt moving through him. I've rarely in my life felt the Spirit that strong - it was so thrilling, I felt like standing on a wall and speaking to thousands so they could feel and be happy and know. It was so cool seeing the eyes of these good people fill with tears and knowing that somehow they felt that too, and knew. Who cares if its the millionth time - the Lord testified, and probably for that one lady there. We gave her a Book of Mormon after - funny, I'd prepared a copy with our testimonies and address and number and all a week before - but somehow didn’t manage to give it out to anyone all week. Figured every night coming home that maybe the Lord was reserving it for someone - I was surprised when I reached into the bag and pulled out that one. It was for her. Cool, eh? Sweet experience.

Also found a family from Guatemala, never have heard missionaries before and never have accepted them from any church until we came. After a month of cancelling appointments, we made it to one and their whole family is pretty psyched. All baptism age. Nuts.

Another cool thing was a "carne asada" - a BBQ - at the Ward mission leader’s house (mansion). All the recent converts and investigators came. Cool to see them uplifting each other and socializing, gave me hope for them, that they won’t just fall away. Very cool.

My brain and body are dead. We hiked up a mountain this morning - intense trail, not easy. Like 5 miles - took 3 hours. Went from grass to forest to rock to SNOW to a waterfall. Crazy member with us, a former elder here, climbed up a rock face and basically crawled up the hard way, very dangerous, like 100 feet above the trail, leaping from rock to rock.... but cool. don’t worry, we were obedient missionaries and stayed below taking pictures. Fun stuff. But TIRED.

Sounds like Aladdin is going well! Good luck HEIDI! You're so cool.

Viva la Vida is now stuck in my head after reading about Jeffrey's Acapella concert.  Coldplay is Elder Baquendano's favorite band too. I still think it’s kinda religious... and funny about Clore - typical. Yes, I laughed. Just like the old days...

Hope everyone is enjoying the winding down days of the school year. Absolutely inconceivable that everyone is moving up another year - don’t even ask me what grades everyone is in, I'm still on track from back before I left for college. Nuts. I love you all, and increasingly miss you guys, but am trying to stay focused. Keep being good, follow the commandments, and especially the Holy Ghost. The little things matter and keep us close to the rod of iron and safety. Do them, the reward will come. I know the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ is true- how to be clean, how to come unto Him, WHY we come unto Him and need Him, how He sees us, all of that - THAT, the GOSPEL, was restored to the earth, with the authority to do that. Really, the Church is true, but we say it like it’s the thing that saves us. The GOSPEL is the way, and Christ is the Savior. The Church contains the authority of the Priesthood of God, and the correct teachings of Christ, all of it, its fullness, undiluted and unconfused, taught here. THAT’s why the Church is important. What it teaches is true. The Prophet is a true prophet, the only one on the earth. The authority is real. I know this is Christ's Church and His doctrine, the truth. The Spirit witnesses.

Thanks for all the support and prayers. You're all the best! Love to all, Elder Thelin

Ps I'd love to write Henry (Hank) and Nick, I don’t have the addresses but that’s so sweet!!!

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  1. Amazing letter! I loved the FHE teaching experience...I know that feeling of being in a meeting when things just aren't making sense or coming together....and then the Spirit gets it on track. Wonderful stuff. Glad you get to stay together in Layton! Hurray!