Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hey family,
?Que pasa? Me parece que estan completemnte locos alli, sheesh! (What's up, it seems like you're a little crazy??) Girls Camp and High Adventure can do that to you though, haha. Glad Girls Camp was fun, although a little trying. Everyone is learning how to interact with other people, and we're all at different stages of it... some a little farther along than others... I can't talk because I'm sure I offend a couple people a day. Ha.

And the high Adventure - I'll just have you know I'd die to go on a campout right now, I cant think of very many things that'd be more fun. Even to put my feet in some 6 inches of water'd be sweet. There are some Venice-like waterways that run through Logan, we've been thinking about rebeling and wading to our knees in them. Probably has junk in it, but whatever...

Elder Paustenbaugh left yesterday - well, today at 3 am - to Sonora Mexico, by Arizona (now called Ari-zion, there are a lot of church members there i guess, haha). Funny, I've been getting a new comp like every 3 weeks lately. Elder Paustenbaugh was one of my favorites by far. Hilarious. This kid was in the MTC for 4 months, and he was way pumped to be "outside". He gave me daily seminars "at half price" on how to be a better person, or on the subtle differences between "humility' and "being humble", or people in the mission that he has only ever heard about. It was a lot of fun, and we saw some miracles, like the baptism of Isabel, and praying for people and them showing up as we arrived, etc. It was sweet. BUT his visa came, he has to go tame Mexico and survive the drug war there (it sounds TERRIBLE there, like fullout war between drug cartels and the people.... he was psyched.) So now I'll be in a threesome for a bit. But all is going well.

Are you all watching the World Cup? it sounds intense, half the ward and about 0 investigators came Sunday because Mexico played Argentina. Kinda disappointing when the Ward Mission Leader shows the new converts by example that futbol is more important than teaching the 2nd hour - we had to do it... but I think I'll watch more soccer when I get home, its actually pretty intense - my playing isnt so great yet, but I enjoy it...

Cool miracles yesterday, was on an exchange, and we met a family of 11! The lady told us that she was fine in her church, and she wasnt looking to change at all. She was a little resistant, but offered us a drink of water, and we accepted - to buy some time in the door, and mostly because its 90 out now and we were on bikes - but I prayed the entire time that we'd be able to get in for a lesson that something might change in her heart and she'd feel it. She gave us the water, and then asked a question that led to a mini-1st lesson on the porch. My comp at the time told of his conversion, which is sweet - he was training to become a Catholic priest, just 2 years ago. A friend gave him a book of Mormon, and he didnt touch it for a while, but once missionaries stopped by, bore testimony and invited him to read and pray. He did that, just out of courtesy, but when he prayed the Spirit touched him. He is the only member in his family, he gave up the honor of being a PRIEST in the Catholic church, and is serving a mission now. As we spoke, this lady ended up saying, "well, we're good in our church, and have faith in God, but it doesnt hurt to learn more about Him." That's NOT what she said at the beginning! Prayer works, as well as persistence. Cool stuff.

Yup, good stuff, I'm enjoying myself more and more. I really miss everyone, but 8 more months seems too short. Yeah, I'm curious about the movies I see on the theaters, and swimming, and family and all that stuff seems pretty awesome... but I'm realizing this time is coming to a close and even though some days you just want to stay in bed, this is the coolest thing ever to do. I used to think I'd be perfect afterwards, like a mission is a refining process that'll make anyone into a super wise and perfect guy, but I'm realizing that's a life process and the real focus here is bringing people to Christ and His true Gospel. Boy do they need it, families getting shredded, people preaching AGAINST keeping the commandments, the Virgin Mary saving us with Christ as a supporting role, the Church of VIDEOGAMES (yes), etc etc. There are a lot of weird ideas out there. The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ isn't new, it's restored, in all its simplicity and power from when He himself ourganized it. It is HOW we come unto Christ. FOLLOW IT.

Love you all, be good, be positive, enjoy the family (my 4th of July will consist of teaching, going to church, and going home at 9, so...), and keep on going!

elder Thelin

Ps cool Zone Conference: we talked about Mistakes - sometimes we may feel leaders have made a "mistake" - "why am I in this area?" "How is that decision right? He's not inspired..." "This calling should have been mine" BUT we talked about how not everything is a mistake, the Lord uses situations that seem wrong, or even genuine mistakes or poor choices, for our benefit. With ANY situation, even a mistake, the Lord expects us to learn from it. When we sin, a MISTAKE, He lets us learn the consequences, then allows us to turn our heart back to the right and repent and be forgiven. When we have a mistake in a leader, we can accept it, be patient, and grow, and see the Lord work through it. We had a testimony meeting about how we've seen that happen - I know I have, I wasnt "supposed" to be in Logan 5 weeks back, but I know now WHY that "mistake" happened. Cool concept.

pss Uh, yeah, just tell Madeleine and Lehi: Felicitaciones, best wishes for them both! Hope they are both super happy and that Lehi can take care of Madeleine - and the siblings-in-law, more worried actually about him having Ryan as a brother-in-law, good luck! haha

Everything got a bit crazy and the gang flew out of the whale. Its kinda gross, flying out of someone's sneeze, Heidi thought, as they sailed through the air. Jiminy cricket was trying to sing a song about flying, and Holly was screaming about how they were starting to STOP flying, and were goin to hit the ground that was coming up.... rather quickly....

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