Saturday, June 26, 2010


Helloo Thelin Clan! Kings Dominion? Ah, temptations, temptations. I've had quite the urge to be on a roller coaster lately, funny.

SO no I didn't forget Father's Day, nor your birthday, Dad, I just forgot to write about it before the event, oops. How old ARE you now? like 43? I lost track. I know I feel old, but then I don't - I frequently am asked if I'm 13. Yeah. There's always someone much older than you, seems like. You think 20 will make you a full fledged adult but everyone still thinks you're a kid. Good grief. Sounds like you had fun for the birthday then, good stuff. And I'm sure everyone had some scrumptious meal for father's day - its kinda weird just hearing about everyone celebrating things like that, we kinda just work all the time so...

Yeah, so is this Sarah girl REALLY a girlfriend, or a friend girl, cause I've heard this name mentioned off and on for the past couple o months, in various relationships toward my brother, so... I don't even know who she is! Jeffrey shouldst write his brother, methinks. hint.

And good job on the talk in sacrament meeting Heidi! That can be a little scary. But I'm sure you did awesome. What was it about? I expect a full report, of course. Also about girl's camp. That sounds like good story potential, rat poop and junk. Exciting, isn't it?

Ugh, speaking of dirty living, man, we have a guy we're teaching, speaks Espanglish, in a bad time in his life. Anyways, he's been trying to keep up the house and kids by himself for a few weeks, and its a wreck. We came over to help him change what we thought were some kitchen tiles in his trailer, but it got really bad. This guy knows nothing about house work. His kitchen floor is bowed up from water damage, and he wanted to see why, so he took a hammer and beat a few holes in the floor and found a pipe pouring out water, the insulation is ruined with mold, and he needs to replace the whole floor. The mess in the house is too bad though to really do anything, so we took out a lot of stuff. We lifted off the kitchen table top.... and saw more cockroaches than I've ever seen. UGH. 1000's living in his kitchen table!!!!! He just dumped some poison on them and his kids were playing with them and stuff, ugh, not good. He had dirty dishes with bugs in them EVERYWHERE. Nasty.

Oh yeah, better subject. Sweet baptism on Saturday. Isabel. I was present at the first lesson almost nine months ago! I've heard about her progress and then her falls since and finally two weeks ago an inspired lesson plan brought the spirit WAY strong, and she decided that she could act in faith on that spirit and put all the doubts behind. It was so cool. The Lord has given me so many opportunities to see people come 180, also like second chances - people I felt I messed up on or something, he's allowed me to see much later. Its really cool. Isabel showed up 20 minutes late to her baptism, but her son - who has been against it - decided to come and support her. The branch President came and baptized her, and the Spirit was very stong. Funny, she had like 6 missionaries there, she'd gone through a lot. She shook all our hands and thanked us for the parts we played and encouraged us to do more. She cried when she got confirmed a member of the Church. 3 weeks ago she had been put aside as a dropped investigator, and now she is a member. The Lord does miracles.

I wish I felt as confident with some of the other people we're working with, very tough problems with each, and not much window of opportunity. President Olson emailed me a sweet bit of encouragement, maybe I'll share it:
"I suspect that each of these people with disasters in their lives were sent by the Lord to you to help them. It was the Lord that brought them to you. He knew of the disasters that were pending. He wanted you to help them. They may or may not join the church; but the principles of the gospel can help them make it through these trying times."

It's possible. I understand more why the Lord brought me here 3 weeks ago in the middle of a transfer. I got to know these people before their super trials attacked. Pressure, so I'm here, and I'm just as clueless as the next Elder on how to fix a broken family, or save a guy from being deported. We're praying a lot, obviously.

Through it all, I know the Lord loves us. I guess I haven't always been sure of that. My mission has seen some of my best and worst moments, but I know now He is guiding these things. Sometimes we're just stupid 20 year old guys, but I'm grateful that Heavenly Father chooses to let us experience this, and see miracles and be instruments in His hands. Thanks Dad for all you've done to help me get this head start on life. You've done a great job - ha, I was going to say "training me"- I feel like the mission is the perfect analogy of life-- so thanks for being my "trainer". Happy Birthday, and Happy Father's day, and just happy Tuesday, have a good one! I love you and our family, and am so thankful I've been allowed to be part of it. Keep it up, don't feel too old, we ate dinner with some people from El Salvador yesterday they're like 85. Thanks for the prayers and the efforts, for patiently paying my mission - when I could have worked a lot harder and earned this privilege a little more - and for well, you get it, everything. Your efforts aren't ever wasted, even when we don't pay much attention as kids. Thanks Dad, love you family, and see everyone in a while (like 8 months!)
Love, Elder Thelin

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  1. Please, no cockroaches. I experienced that as a RS president. Not fun. Clean off your shoes really well when you leave there. It sounds like social services need to be called in to help this guy out. There are resources in the community to help with things like that. The baptism sounds wonderful. You certainly have a broad range of experiences every week. Nowhere but a mission would you see these things. Love you. Be careful.