Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hello! Yeah, I got the "dearElder" letter from you last night! What the heck Jeffrey, don’t die! Hopefully your ankle does get better for the meet and all that, but don’t overdo it and then have it messed up for life and all. We put his name in the temple prayer roll, so the ankle is being prayed for. Long board? that sounds intense, I'm assuming Ivan got a long board as well...haha
We prayed for Tanny too. Name isn’t in the temple, but we do hope she pulls through... it’ll be ok Holly. She is a good dog.
That's awesome that Steven is now in the experience! Peru sounds pretty sweet, we ate dinner with Peruvians on Saturday. Good food - they were talking about visiting Machu Pichu, said it was NOT easy to get to, but once you do, its super fascinating. A LOT of history and artifacts and such down there. Lake Titicaca - funny that Steven goes to another hemisphere and speaks another language and his first investigators are named Elmer and Freddy... haha! I expect that here, but down there? nice. Teaching lessons in that situation must not be easy - we always pray for the kids to go to another room or fall asleep so we can get the full attention, but there's not much you can do with a bunch of turkeys I imagine...
Cool! A mystery package? We'll await it here, I have the suit ready today at the shop, it ended up being $170, because there were a few alterations, but it’s supposed to be a $300 suit, so... I'm excited. I also found a dry cleaning place that lets missionaries use it for free, and an investigator's wife is sewing all the holes that we have accumulated in our pants over 2 years. Pretty sweet, we're feeling quite proud of ourselves for taking care of things like that. Never mind that she's just laughing at OUR attempts to sew them up, I thought we had done pretty good...
Haha, good job cleaning the garage, if Heidi wants to come clean our apartment that would be sweet. Unlike Steven, we get enough food for 2 or 3 companionships, people seem to think that we stay up all night just eating food or something. We don’t get to eat it all, of course, so we've seen some prrrrrretty interesting things happen in our fridge.... Mold takes on many colors and textures. Don’t worry, it’s getting better....
Que mas? Um, this week we had a cool training for the zone about how missionary work brings joy, and had all the missionaries share experiences of the best baptisms they had seen. Really spiritual, I know that there really is joy in seeing that change happen.
Also during the week one of the APs left back to Monterry Mexico - maybe I said this already - but he was 27, amazing missionary, amazing teacher and leader, Elder Ramirez. We went to his farewell, and the members where he had served spoke about how he changed their lives. Then they said "When you are going to get married, don’t forget to invite us!" "Ok, you're invited. It’s on the 22nd." And everyone exploded - he already is engaged, his fiancee has been waiting for 2 years in Mexico, and on Friday he gets married. We found some old letters of his, that said "I can’t believe it will be 20 MORE MONTHS, but I think we should have the reception in such and such place..." No idea how he made it for 2 years and stayed so focused. We heard from him just now and he’s super happy. He just had life pretty well figured out, 2 years dedicated service, and then a week later get married. Good stuff. Haha.
Pues, I think I gots to go, but I know the gospel is true, and the Savior knows each of us, Heavenly Father knows His children, and loves each one. All happens for a divine reason, to teach us something or allow us to be stronger. I know this is His gospel, and it is the path home. Especially this week, I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, is a true book and is a solid, tangible, irrefutable second witness that Jesus is the Christ, that God lives, and that Joseph Smith really was called to be a prophet. The Holy Bible witnesses of Christ - many we meet say ok, well the Koran witnesses that Muhammad was a prophet, and this book says Buddha’s path is right, so how do we know...but, The Book of Mormon is evidence, a SECOND witness from another part of the world, that Jesus IS the Christ, the savior of all of us, and what He expects of us. The way it was brought about, was miraculous, and could in no way have been invented. Elder Holland said that because of this and the content, there are only two options: it is true, or it is not. We must decide, but there is no middle ground. I love the Book of Mormon for that, it is a do-or-die decision, and makes it so each one of us either rejects or completely accepts this Gospel. I know it to be true. I've received my witness over and over, and know that by living these principles it draws me nearer the Savior, it teaches me to follow the right, and guides me away from darkness. It is a solid, tangible witness of the truth that goes hand in hand with the Bible. I was just thinking about that this morning. Love you all!
-Elder Thelin

Ps: Whatcha'll doing for Halloween?
Psps:dont worry about Columbus day, I had no idea it had happened.
Ppppssps: but Mom, the cranky doors are the best ones! Don't worry!


  1. Great letter! Thank you for the testimony. Glad your wardrobe is getting freshened up for the home stretch!

  2. ok, ok, he recibido tu carta. Te mandi una carta hoy. Esta...en route....