Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Wooooooow, that's the trunkiest thing I've been told in a long time! I'm coming home February 17th! I think that's a sweet plan, lets do it! When Sister Langford called, that was fun listening to the 20 minutes of options, she really does a good job at that, huh? Funny lady. I hope its not too much trouble to send Dad Jeffrey and Heidi out, I just think that would be really sweet to show them around and not go home alone. Its totally cool that not the whole family can come, I understand, it'll probably be easier and that way I can ease into the family gradually, haha. Getting released in Virginia is cool too. I want to talk to at least a couple people on the plane as an authorized representative of Jesus Christ...

Hmm, I'm not sure if I'll eat dinner with Grandma on Thanksgiving. It WOULD be super fun, but I have the dilemma of a lot of people here inviting me to feasts of all sorts and I'll never be able to eat with them again like that, hm, I'll think it over, see if I cant do both, I imagine we will also be at her house in February. Tough decision, I do have her number and address, so we'll probably get in touch.

I agree with the plans of going to Logan and the Kaysville - hard because the majority of people will be home later in the day, I'm going to be trying to organize that all out so we can see them or I can visit other people in the evenings before. But these are all far distant things, so we'll not worry too much about them now... lol.

This week is going really well. The work is exploding around here. Lots of people are coming out of the woodwork, families searching for the truth, recognizing the servants of the Lord, answers to prayers, miracles, reading half the book of mormon, deciding to overcome fears and be baptized... its pretty sweet. We're really happy with the way things are working right now.

Cool little miracle of the week: after something at the church, turns out my companion lost the car keys. We looked EVERYWHERE, in the car, the church, the bathroom, the piano, the TRASH... and they were nowhere. Asked everyone, and no one knew. So my companion and I went to a room and knelt and prayed.We stood up and thought about it, and my companion just said "The trunk!" We went to the trunk of the car, and lo and behold the keys were sitting right there. It was super cool, just an instant answer to prayer. I know prayer works, the Lord does answer back!

To the fam and friends:
Regionals sounds amazing, good job on faceplanting it in the mud Jeff, that sounds epic. Don't die.
Holly, HAPPPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY! We thought about you a lot yesterday! Sorry birthday presents havent happened this year from my end, I'll make it up at Christmas. :) Cant wait to see your new camera! Take lots of pictures so I can see what you're doing!
FREAK! Try to illegally film that play ifyou can... GOOD LUCK HEIDI YOU'LL DO AWESOME!!!!!
I've met a lot of people that know where Puno is, weird. They are excited for Steven! RIDE A LLAMA!!!
Stefan! Finishing! YIKES.
I'll write Jeff! Oh, and if we want to backpack to Argentina: San Carlos de Bariloche is the name of the place. Look it up. LESS than 2000 bucks and Elder Sigal's family in Buenos Aires would be down for being tour guides, they explore the Patagonia "(southern end) of Argentina every summer (actually their winter).

We're headed out to do ice skating right now. I'm convinced the ukelele is amazing, an elder here plays like a pro and probably with his voice will make a cd someday. look up a polynesian/tongan/hawaiian something song: "Lullaby" incredible.

Hmmmm, Sweet experiences with a lot of people lately. Gospel is really true. We prayed in the temple as an entire zone and the Lord let us know there is a lot to do and a lot of success coming up here this month. We're psyched.

Well, we gotta get headed out, but I love you all, just want to let you know I'm happy, and I have really felt the Lord closer in my life on the mission. He has let me know in no uncertain terms that this is His Gospel. Christ is the Savior, the only way back Home. God IS our Father, and we His children. He will pour His blessings into our lives, and I have seen that. Focus on Christ.
Love you all!
Elder Thelin

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  1. Great letter!! I'm sending it on to Steven. Keep up the good work, and don't get TOO trunky, haha!