Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Hey there all!

Wow, it looks like things are busy at home! You guys really know how to keep things insane... I hope everything is alright with Grandma and Amy, I will definitely be praying for them - and I won't worry mom, but thank you for letting me know. Grandma is on the Ogden prayer roll. Amy, hang in there, and get back to school. And when you're on adventures, keep the outside outside...

Weeell, busy week here too of course. Actually insane, as well. Like I said last week, they combined two areas, and cut out 2 missionaries - which doubled our area. Without a car. It was already the largest walking area in the mission.... we also picked up Elder Rodriguez, who I knew at the MTC. It's weird being in a trio, but fun - Jeff, you'd like this guy. He's crazy...

And with a new area, we gained like 10 new investigators - we are working with 10 baptisimal dates, like 16 investigators, no car, and trying to save a branch. It's intense. But it’s cool, we've seen things happening - we got to teach 21 lessons last week. Outrageous, since before we were getting about 5, and the mission record is 23 in a week. We set 5 baptismal dates in 2 days. Things are exploding.

But we still don't have a car. Heh.

And we have three people to take care of, until Elder Rodriguez gets the go ahead to go to Guadalara -- apparently the Lord has something for him to do here still, since he's been to the consulate 2 times now, and both times essential machinery broke down, and now the swine flu is exploding in Mexico apparently, as well as the MTC - I did hear about that, crazy. All it’s done to us here is keep Elder Rodriguez here longer and Elder Gurrola is using his Swine Flu voice...

We've also seen more miracles this week. We walked past a lady, and tried to talk to her for several minutes, but she couldn't hear us well or something - anyways, we kept trying, but weren't getting through. But suddenly a lady came out of the house, and we turned to her, and told her that we were missionaries who helped to prepare people to be baptized. I was thinking that was kinda bold, but her next comment was "What does it take to be baptized?" and "Does the whole family have to be baptized, or can just one get baptized at a time?" BAM, golden. We taught her on Saturday! Also cool, we taught her with Edson Torres, our recent convert – It’s part of our plan to take recent converts teaching with us, doing missionary work. It is great for the investigators plus it makes the convert stronger. Edson was testifying and teaching people with us of tithing, of how the gospel of Christ has already begun blessing his family. Sweet stuff. He and three other of our converts just received the Aaronic Priesthood on Sunday. Miracles. Two of those will be participating in baptizing their mothers next Sunday!

Of course, the devil is also working against us here too. Pati Torres, our sweetest investigator right now, found out that for the first time in 3 months, she HAS to work next Sunday on her baptism day. But we've figured out ways around that, and we're going to go eat lunch at Carl’s Jr and talk with her boss....

Hmm, anything else happen this week? Lots of stuff happened, but I can't remember half of it, it all seems like one long day with burning feet .. we have had the chance to talk about temples in many lessons, and it was awesome, very spiritual - I have a strong testimony of the temple.

Hmm, well, I can't remember much else significant enough to write, but I know the gospel is true. Christ lives and is the Savior. He is ready to heal, bless, and lead us. Heavenly Father lives, and is anxious to hear our prayers, and bless us. It’s true, of course.

I hope all goes well this week, be healthy and safe, good luck singing and dancing and such, and I love you all. Tell the Daily Herald I never got any papers, lol.

Adding to the story: um, the elephants are in jet fighters...haha
[to clarify: the girls had added that they were saved from the hungry giant baby eagles by elephants.]

The Ogden Temple


  1. haha, jet fighters - better yet STAR fighters like in Star Wars...

    Wow that's so amazing you get to have so many successful lessons and baptisms. You were definitely blessed to come to Ogden...

  2. Wow, all that teaching, walking, planning, baptizing...you are a busy bunch! Keep the faith. We love you. Thanks for the wonderful letter.