Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Hey family! Como estan?

Man, its crazy reading about "real life," you guys are insane. I do miss the crazy random life we all live at home, man, but I think the Lord is blessing me with an opportunity to mold my mind in a more structured environment, hahah, no just kidding. Well, kinda. Ha. Is it weird that I don't mind getting up at 6, and 6:30 feels late? Yikes...

PLEASE tell Jeffrey and Heidi and everyone to write up some of those stories, that sounds priceless... tazer? Sheesh... Hey, congratulations on the play everyone! That sounds amazing. I'm sure everyone was fantastic - Amy, why didn't you ever put your hair in a bun when I was home, hmm?? You will all have to recreate the play for me on the "trampoline stage" sometime.

I'm not sure exactly what I'm writing this week because I have a limited amount of time here today, since this is about the busiest P-day I've had yet - cleaning about 400 plates and tupperware out of the apartment that missionaries have been given for dinners by the members and accumulated for years, trying to rescue my laundry from a washing machine that was being taken away for repairs, helping a lady carry stuff into a store and getting stuck receiving a free sample herbal health breakfast to "cleanse my body", go to an appointment, a lunch with Pati Torres, a haircut... man, its crazy...

Mom, don't worry about my food situation. We in Utah are fed more than any other mission, especially in the Spanish program. In some areas the members feed the missionaries breakfast lunch AND dinner. We get by with dinner every night. Of course sometimes that's questionable... I haven't eaten Cow intestines yet, but its a matter of time. I don't ask questions about most of it - but its not anything we'd serve at home, heh... I really like the food though, its delicious usually... some of the south american food needs some work though. Just load up some chilies and it burns the taste buds off (sound familiar? bringing back old tricks). So far I haven't died, so...

Thank you for your prayers for Pati, they've helped. Man, she has more faith than anyone I've met. She was sick with pnumonia for 10 days, and thusly couldn't work. And couldn't pay the rent. She called us last week and still sounded bad - and told us that they were kicking her out of her aprtment in 3 days, her boss made her work sundays now, and life was going up in flames. But we talked with her the next day, and were worried about her, and all she did was shrugg her shoulders and said (in Spanish) "I know this isn't normal - its Satan trying to attack me because I got baptized. I know its because I got baptized into the true church! And God's not going to leave me alone." She made some plans and is able to stay. On Sunday she decided to just come to Church and not work - she was confirmed a member and received the Holy Ghost. It was very cool. Man, a lot of faith there...

Other highlight was Mission Conference - we got all 190 missionaries together and met for a day here in Ogden. It was kinda sad - President and Sister Joyce were saying their goodbyes for it. It was very spiritual - amazing man. You could feel their love for us - we are a "mission family" and like our families, our "mission family" is eternal too, as Sister Joyce says. That night we met at the Tabernacle by the Ogden temple and did a Musical Fireside, featuring... us! and The Joyce's spoke between songs. That was a great experience. It's powerful to stand with 190 missionaries and be able to sing out loud - sometimes I feel like going out and shouting that this is true, that these people need to hear this message - it felt good to be able to shake a building with 200 people in it with my testimony. President Joyce is an amzing musician, and he accompanied us on the Organ - the last song, after his amazing remarks and farewell to Ogden and us and the people there. He went over and sat down at the organ, and the building just started shaking with a fanfare - Praise to the Lord, the Almighty - and then we began singing. It had been raining - the sun broke out and flooded through the curtains. It was powerful. I felt like part of God's army, a soldier for Him. As we left the building and walked back up 21st street to our apartment, the sky was on fire with golds and purple and blue and yellow and orange, with the temple and tabernacle sillohueted against it. 200 missionaries flooding out of the temple grounds to return to their areas. It was a crazy experience. Unforgettable.

I know this Church is true. I know its all true. This week I felt the Spirit coming to me, felt myself conquer parts of me that needed conquering, and felt a greater power accompany my work. This is the truth. This is hugely important for all to know. I don't care if I interrupt a conversation to tell someone, or if people think we're crazy - this used to bother me. But they need to know! This is what they're looking for! I wish I could write more, but I can't. Know that I am well, and I love you all! Keep safe, and be happy!

Love, Elder Christhopher The Thelin who can't type his name....

All the tupperware and various dishes that were left in our apartment for years on end, just before we donated it all to DI...

President Joyce accompanying the Great Utah Ogden Missionary Choir

On the way to Mission Conference, the Ogden Tabernacle by the Ogden Temple

President Joyce and I

The Spanish Missionaries' parting gift for the Joyce's, a Mexican flag signed by us

The Ogden Temple
The Ogden Tabernacle

The Joyces, saying goodbye :(


  1. =) I'll keep cheering for Pati.

    (got a bit of a listhp there, Christhopher? jajaja)

    (6:30 is LATE?? NEVER!!!)

  2. Thanks for brightening my day! Loved the description of mission conference, the music, the sun coming through the clouds. We'll keep Pati in our prayers. Wow, you are one awesome missionary. Love you.