Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Well hey there ho there!
Wow, so much happens in a week, yet it seems like it was just Tuesday... weird...
Weeeeeelll, hm, lots of stuff in the works here, its hard to know what you'd want to hear about.

We're just trying to survive here - we have about the largest walking area in the world (jk, i don't know, but it's ginormous). It's pretty much crazy. AND they made us move finally to Ogden where we are closer to the action, less walking, etc. We had a sweet apartment in Riverdale... but they called us up, and announced that they were coming to take out the washer and dryer, and all our furniture... so we kind of had to move. But we "rebelled" and got caught in Riverdale two nights in a row, and slept on the floor. Without furniture. Or clean clothes. Roughing it here...haha.

So yeah, we had to leave the nice, quiet suburbs of Riverdale, where there is a beatiful view of the sunrise over the mountains and all, plus couches, a spacious kitchen, rec room, study room, etc etc etc.... to Ogden, which is.... Ogden... the thumping Hispanic music above us during comp study is so wonderful. Heh. Weheeee...

Well, as far as our work goes, we're walking everywhere... eeeeverywhere. And our investigators CAN'T get baptized because they all refuse quit living in sin to get married... it's a fun problem. I know Joey once wrote about it - its interesting being 19 years old and trying to be a counselor and suggest people get married and such. Oh yeah.

School's out? Sweet! It sounds like you all are doing the typical Thelin summer, packed from end to end. That's the way to do it. There are hordes of children here who are spending their entire summer riding bikes from 9 am to 10 pm (not kidding, swarms of them), or sitting in the mud, eating bugs, etc etc... do something productive, for their sakes, lol...

Good luck at OBX, jealous, that sounds awesome. King and I is going to be a hit, of course! And I loved the Monkey geometry thing, that sounds crazy cool.

Ryan is in Brazil?? a YEAR? What the heck? Its crazy hearing about everyone doing stuff like that, man - I heard a ton of people are getting married, like Zack Foxley and well, everyone... nuts.

Glad to hear Grandma is doing well! I've been praying! Thank you for the letter, too! It was awesome - I loved hearing about how everyone is doing, and it sounds like things are going well there - thank you!

I like that quote, about the difficult and the impossible. [He is referring to a quote I sent him that says: The difficult we can do at once. The impossible may take a little longer."] Lately we've been struggling a little, working with kind of a new area, and we've lost a lot of investigators - we don't have any baptisms lined up, so its tough. But last night my companion was talking about getting close to his time to be going home and all, and we decided to have faith, and set a goal. It will be hard and require being obedient, seeking the Spirit, and talking to everyone with all we've got - but they said something in Zone Conference - when we set goals, we usually don't see past the number. We think, ok, 4 people, that's going to be hard to do - but very likely, when we set a goal of finding say 4 people, and have faith in it, our Heavenly Father has a list of people that He is preparing. If He knows there are two missionaries who want to do this, He will help us find 4 of His children. And there has GOT to be 4 people in Ogden who need the Gospel by July 7th. At LEAST... so we're going to try to do the impossible, or at least, what looks impossible.

Hey, congrats Steven on the Graduation! I want to hear your version of Amersterdam when I get back... Oh babylon, oh babylon... it's kinda hymn-like... but keep going, be awesome!

...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY/FATHER'S DAY Dad! It's hard to speak to everyone like this, and I only got to say a few words on Mother's day, but thank you for everything. You really are an amazing father. I'm learning patience and humility here, and, well, thank you for all your patience, love and support. My patriarchal blessing talks about me being born into a home of deep faith. Thank you for providing such a great family and home for me. I see examples of the polar opposite of that everywhere. I have no idea what its like to have a father who drinks constantly, who doesn't try to uplift his family, etc etc. Thank you for all you've done, and have a great birthday! Love you Dad.

Heidi, thanks for the letter! That was awesome! You all sure sound busy! But it looks like you are all having fun - that article was great Heidi, thanks!
Mom, thanks for your letter too - and Jill's!

Well, I can't really say half of what I was going to - we need to go play basketball apparently (I am a pro. Sigh...) I'll keep everyone in my prayers; thank you for all of your prayers for me! The faith of so many people in prayer is a big help combined, it lets the Lord do miracles. And He will - if we only have faith. I know this gospel is true. I know Jesus Christ lives, and loves us. We have a Heavenly Father who loves us more than we will ever know, and He wants our eternal happiness. Seek Him. What the world says is important usually isn't - make sure we are on the path to Him. I heard a good quote the other day. It said: "If we don't change direction, we will get where we are headed." We always need to make sure we are moving a little closer to the true target. Its true, people!

Love you all, and talk later,
Elder Christopher Thelin

(ps, mom, I'm eating well, ask next week, haha..... and send those baptism pictures to sis joyce, please!)

Our Riverdale Apartment (upper left apt)

Mountains from our Riverdale kitchen window in the morning...

New Apartment on Madison Ave

That glass there is our main room

Inside the spacious new apartment...

Our goal

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  1. heh, sure those're mountains Chrissers? I'm just keep thinking of ur view of "Provo Canyon" from wyview...

    Ever onward, Christopher, way to keep doin ur best...=)