Tuesday, November 24, 2009


First, Jeffrey, what the heck? BERMUDA? MEMPHIS? Good grief. Just slow down there browski... g'jorb.

How are you all?? Sounds like the gang is having usual fun, running around, losing teeth, making impossible plans. Mom, I feel EXACTLY the same with my calling, forgetting to follow through, leaving planners or maps in the apartment (SUCH a sweet apartment, though... I've lived in places we referred to as "caves" - this is the first aprtment I LIKE coming home to, and it has a washer and dryer that 1) don't require money and 2) you can dry more than 1 shirt at a time, sheesh, hated Hyrum for that...) SO yeah, we keep moving forward, doing our best.

I only have a few minutes here, our normal computers were down so we have to use library computers and only have 10 more minutes (like the MTC! sheesh!) We have a short P-day this week because we have all day off on Thanksgiving --playing football as a zone in Bountiful (Elder Minson is now my zone leader, gotta tackle him), then watching like 3 g-rated movies, then to Grandma's! I believe Amber and her esposo are coming down! Should be fun. Exciting to see family!

We ARE blessed here with lessons. Right now we are trying to FIND people, this area is different than other areas, in that there aren't many hispanics. However, this is where Elder Gurrola had his most success, so I'm trying to implement all the stuff I remember him saying here - basically loving the members till they trust us with their friends here. We will have success, it's just going to be tough. And we are likely going to deplete our car miles by next Monday, so we'll be walking... fun...

Good job all on the awards siblings! And the tooth, Ames!

We are praying for Reagan. Her name is on the prayer rolls. I'm amazed by how faithful people are, in all walks of life. We met a man last night, taught us more than anything, not very open, but he was cool, gave us each a little bible... neat... but there are so many cool people. I've noticed with some families that they are so close, they are trying and struggling to raise good families, etc. and I WANT them to have the truth, it's hard. We taught a sweet family, so cool, but last Saturday they announced that they learned a lot, but are fairly happy where they are, and don't want to change their ways. It was pretty hard. We have hope they'll come around, but grrrr..

My companion is calling a number for another free bible from the guy we met. Good grief. Better go.

More than anything, I know Christ lives. He is the Savior. We are weak, and seeing more of that on the mission, but also that through Him we can be stronger. He is the strength and the guide, and we should all be more thankful for that this week and always!

Elder Thelin

GRACIAS por the package that I'll get! Kayla's address??


  1. Alright, here is my FULL address, do not lose:

    420 E 600 N apt.#2
    Provo, UT 84606

    Happy Thanksgiving!!! Have fun walking next week!!

  2. Hope your Thanksgiving Day was great--we missed you! Proud of you and your efforts in your new challenging area. At least you have a great apartment! Love you.