Tuesday, January 26, 2010


AND THERE THEY WERE, battling through snow, knocking doors, speaking to strangers, driving a red Toyota Corrola around Layton, preaching the gospel, teaching sons and daughters of God, keeping them from the evils of Babylon..... more or less, that's how it is. Pretty epic, eh?

Hello family! How are you all? Glad the ski trip went well, and no one died. I'd love to ski...... I have learned that skiing should only be done when one has skiis - using dress shoes with little to no traction left on the bottom works, but usually lands you the ice...anyhow....

Football time, neat... haha. I think I will get into FUTbol after the mission (soccer), that's more exciting than American football. I'm basically pro now, we've played soccer once a week for 2 months now, and in Central and South America, its basically a religion. The Catholic Church actually sainted a player in Argentina... Its intense though. A ver.

We will pray for Colton - amazing for Reagan! That's so awesome!

Funny story about your meeting, Mom.  Don't worry, we are good at tracking people down. We leave Ward council meeting on Sunday early to not just call, but go knock on the doors of our investigators and get them to church. Usually works. This week we invited a lady Saturday night, and then Sunday morning we were going to lead a lady to church, and passed by. Turns out the lady was ready, wanted to go! We drove to church with a train of 2 cars and kids follwing us to the chapel, kinda cool... tell our Elders to be smart and get 'em there. The thing that works best is if members get to know them, then call them before Sunday. usually come... so ask the missionaries if you can help with that...

This week has gone well, we did a lot - knocking, talking, teaching. We've had some sweet lessons and experiences, people coming to church and loving it. Hmm. We are commenting here that we really do have good weeks, we just can't remember what happened THIS week... well.... guy stopped smoking... Carla Garcia is getting baptized the 6th... two days after transfers. We'll see if we stay or not. Elder Preciado thinks he's leaving. Who knows. He's cool, but it's hard to understand each other because he talks fast, and never in english. But he's got the desire. He only has 2 years in the church since he was baptized. Amazing. I don't want to leave Layton, I like it here, feels like home, a lot of work here, nice people. I know almost all the members here now, and they are awesome. Very funny people, but great. We're working hard and finding many (I have purposefully avoiding finding out the exact definition of "soliciting" my whole mission. Supposedly a police officer said missionaries aren't involved in that, though I have been accused of it a lot..haha.) Well, we must be go now, but I love you all and think of you often. I miss Saturday night movies in the basement and apple cider and such, but I know we'll have all our lives to do that. Make each day count. An investigator's brother died this weekend, just fell dead while on the phone. We never know how much time we have left. Make it count, and appreciate everything we have. I know after my mission I will appreciate my opportunities for education, family, the Gospel, a home, etc a lot more. He lives and He loves us. He knows our thoughts and prayers, and is so patient with us. Trust Jesus Christ, make Him the center of our lives.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM, I love you a ton! Thank you so much for everything, for loving me and helping me through my life, for your patience and constancy, for everything - you are amazing. I used to think all mom's and dad's were like mine. I know now that you have worked so hard for us, and how amazingly blessed I have been. Thank you mom. Have a wonderful birthday - forget the age and enjoy it!

Love to all,

Elder Chris

PS Culpeper rules.


  1. Beautiful testimony. Love to hear about the lessons and the baptisms, and all the investigators following you to church! You're like the Pied Piper! We love you. So glad you feel at home in Layton. Thank you for serving...you are amazing!

  2. Awwww...I actually agree, I think soccer is way more fun to watch than football. Letter in the mail. Can you believe it's been a year?? I remember when that counter said 730 days...