Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Alright, I have exactly very few minutes, as we are waiting for a ride that we did not schedule and so we are now infringing on people's hospitality.... HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! Ours was kinda lame, tried teaching but most of the general population was drunk more or less, so we went to 15 minutes of the ward dance, but no one had really shown up, so we talked and left... apparently it lasted till 2 am though, Spanish wards know how to party!... I didn't get the Frank and Bob package yet for new years, and BACON??? Oh boy. Jefffrey, way to go to New York on the spur of the moment, sheesh...

It kinda been a rough week, we haven't had a lot of success. Funny, I gave a district meeting on developing Christlike attributes, and picked patience as one I am developing... and the Lord has been putting it to the test! People cancelling appointments, just little things, antagonism... grr, frustrating. We were ready to teach a lesson and saw the family piling in their van and peeling out before we arrived!  Ridiculous. One of the few lessons we taught, we were trying very hard, but between their hyper dog and the 1 year girl, Abril, we couln't teach, as they were coming over, trying to tear the scriptures out of our hands (the dog), taking off our nametags (the kid), etc. Adorable, but interfering a LOT. We told Abril to go get something in the kitchen to distract her and she trotted off and came back with a loaf of bread... yup... VERY helpful, but very funny... anyhow, patience is being learned. Pray for our area to bounce back up and for the people to open their hearts some. Ha, all in a normal week.

Holly, good job! We'll pray for your friends. Way to be a missionary!

Heidi, great job with all the service. I'm so proud of you. You're an awesome sister, and I love you a ton.

Amy, you're awesome. Keep being awesome.

I love you all, and missed the festivities, but imagined you all enjoying them. We managed to find things to do here, and were fairly stuffed with food from going by member homes - they've invited us over a ton lately, lunches and dinners and after-dinners etc. Dad, we will stay away from freaks. There are a lot of them. Sheesh. I imagine its the same in all missions - we are blessed with a ton of members to make it better, they take good care of us.

I'm sorry, I really haven't related much good news here - how bout, a person I had been teaching in Kaysville (my area split and so now other missionaries are teaching him) quit smoking for the first time in 20 years and is getting baptized on Saturday! Sweet miracle, he's been taught for like 7 months now, and had a change of heart!

I know this work is true. I know the Spirit can guide us, and that Jesus is the Christ. He loves us, and is working actively in all our lives. Come unto Him is the invitation.

Love you all,

Elder Christopher Thelin

PS Jeff, sweet CTR ring, I like it - very slick : D   Chubby Bunnies, oh yes...

PPs Luke Skywalker jumped on the sled. "Man, I can do better!" and, trying to make himself go faster with the force, slammed into a wall.... and BOOM, the ice there cracked and he flew through the wall and down... into a dark hole...

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  1. Congratulations on the guy who quit smoking! Awesome! Sorry about the rough week...sending hopes that things will pick up. I think, in general, that the holiday season is a rough one for any type of routine, planning, or reliable behavior. So I think things will improve now that life begins to resume its normal ebb and flow.