Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Soooooo How're y'all doing today? Sounds better, staying out of the hospital and such. Glad you decided that nonsense wasn't any fun.

Holly, that missionary story is awesome. That's how to be a missionary, no fear, just say what you know!

Man, ok, so cool stuff this week:  I may or may not have mentioned this, but back in December, we were invited to a hospital. A recent convert had a friend whose 8 year old daughter was getting surgery. We were reluctantly invited to come and give a blessing. It was so cool. The whole family was there watching, and as we began, the Spirit came so so strong. The girl, Leslie, just started sobbing, feeling huge peace and joy. Two days later she was fine and left the hospital.

Now, I pretty much figured that the seed was sown and maybe years later this family would remember that moment... but two weeks ago they came to a family night at the church. And then to church on Sunday. We set up a lesson with Leslie and her mom. We figured it would be hard to get them going.... but we sat down with them, and the mom began to talk. She talked about that moment in the hospital, and how she's thought and thought about that Spirit they all felt. Her recent convert friend loaned her all the videos from the church, and she watched them all, and felt peace confirming they were true. She said everytime she thought about the Church, or the two of us, or how happy her friend is, she felt something amazing in her, telling her to keep learning. That was the most spiritual lesson of my mission. The Spirit was so strong as we testified of Joseph Smith as a prophet, and the Restoration of the Church. Then we testified of coming unto Christ and being baptized by one who now holds the proper authority... and by baptism, coming unto Christ and covenanting with Him to follow and obey. She just started crying, the Spirit was so strong. Its cool - sometimes as missionaries, talking to so many people and hearing so much false doctrine that is in the world, one thinks, well, is this all real? Moments like that confirm it all. Its so cool to ask how someone is feeling, and see the tears come and them saying, without knowing much at all, that something they've never felt before is filling their heart, and testifying that is the Holy Ghost, that God is testifying to them. She is getting baptized the 17th of April, without reservations! We are teaching her to read the scriptures and pray about it to get a even more solid testimony, but she talks about her baptism every time we see her.

Karla's baptism went well. None of her family came. It was cool though. Elder Preciado came down from Logan to baptize her, and I confirmed her. Thank you so much for the prayers, they helped so much. I wish I could talk more but the ride is here. I love you all, and I know that this work is true. This is the true Church of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the head of this church, not a man. He lives. He is the Savior, and through Him, we can be cleansed.  Keep sharing the light with others. Sometimes they may not understand at first, but when they humbly ask God, I know that answers come. I see it happen right before my eyes every day.  All can know truth through the Spirit of God.

Love you all,

Elder Thelin

Ps Grandma Pat rocks. Tell her thanks for the package! As far as what she said about my amazing hair, I think I started using gel is all.

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  1. Awesome! Wonderful stories...lessons, baptisms. What a remarkable mission you are having. Thanks for the testimony. Love.