Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Wow, you people know how to live a full day... glad everyone got through ok. Try not to all fall apart over there, ok?

Hmm, where to start? Long week, Elder Preciado left last week to Logan, excited to teach the cows... and Elder Baquedano for round two with Elder Thelin, came in Wednesday. Sweet stuff, its been pretty fun. He's super upbeat and a hard hard worker, so it really helps to lift the spirits and help get things done right.

Hm, so as far as lessons and such go, last week kinda was rough, but we were working hard trying to find people and stuff. By Saturday night I figured that no one was coming to church and felt like dirt. Even Karla called us to tell us she couldnt go - we thought for sure her father was refusing now to let her go to church. We prayed for someone to come to church, and hoped for the best. Its cool how the Lord does His part. Sunday morning we got to church, and lo and behold a whole family came, invited by an American schoolteacher. They have lived in Utah their whole lives and DONT know about the Church. Amazing. Willing to listen. We have a lesson tonight with them. They don't know it yet, but they are all getting baptized. Then another family came - we gave their daughter the most spiritual blessing ever at a hospital in December. the daughter has informed her mom that she wants to be baptized and it is the right thing. They asked US if we can come over Friday. Yes. AND Karla came. Her father was in a car accident and she was going to stay to take care of him, but he told her to go to church. and then, yesterday in our lesson with her, we had no idea what to commit her to do or anything, so we prayed for the Lord to guide the lesson and fill our mouths. We went in, and just started talking... and turns out there's a lot of stuff happening in her life. She's had dreams, read a LOT of the Book of Mormon, stuff like that... and yesterday, her father for the first time brought up baptism, and just asked her "Do you feel sure about that?" GOOD sign, he might trust her to do it... We invited her to pray and just ask if this Sunday is the right day, and if it is, her father will accept. She agreed. I have no doubt she is getting baptized Sunday night! It was really cool, the Spirit was there, and everything is coming together there. Thanks for the prayers, we've asked you, people in letters we write, all the members possible (without divulging too much), all the missionaries here, and even some investigators to pray. It was pretty cool telling her how many people were praying for her miracle, a faith booster. so, thanks!

Well, I hope all is well in VA, stop getting sick and going to the hospital and such. Feed the missionaries well.
I love you guys, and know the gospel is true. Heavenly Father has answered that many times on my mission, in many ways. I know that He will always answer if we come to Him, trusting as a child. Jesus is the Savior, and can heal all things. I've heard a lot about how scary the world is right now. Everyone needs these things, even if they seem to be "all right."


Elder Thelin

Ps THANKS for the st patty's package, was sweet, we ate the girl scout cookies in like 10 minutes, but it was awesome. Also all the pics were fun, looks like a lot of snow. And the peeps projects were pretty professional, I couldn't believe you guys made those... let me know when they win.

Psssh annnnd thanks for the stickers that are on the way and the other package and such :)

Psheigh Its really fun to hide around corners and wait until other people come by and leap out with a loud hog snort. They freak out. especially companions.

Pshejhifhghhh saw a drugged out guy dancing in his room, with the police surrounding his house, shouting for him to open up and shut off the music, with lights and stuff on the window, and him, oblivious, just dancing with his shades on and the beer in his hand... kinda pathetic...

Pss Elder Baquedano invited his aunt to hear the missionaries before he left - she just sent a email saying she's getting baptized on the 10th!!


  1. What a fabulous letter! Yes, I've been praying for Karla, and yes, prayer works! So many great events....thanks for sharing. Love.

  2. Sorry, haven't been on in a while...Yay for Karla, that was a wonderful story to read! Sounds like things are going well misionero!