Sunday, March 21, 2010



That's the main idea of the song Elder P has been singing for well the past week, awaiting transfers. He's hilarious, actually admitted these have been the best transfers of his mission, but he sure has tried to act like he's being released from torture, haha. Oh man, I'm gonna miss him. He has had a rough mission, fought a lot with people, hated it for a while, and even asked a few times to President "can I go home yet?" But he's come a long long way. He only has 2 years in the Church, his mom has cancer, and he decided to go on a mission. Amazing. Anyhow, we've learned a lot together. I wanted to kill him a few times, ha, but we've learned patience and how to bite our tongues and think twice about what we say. And he's like amazing with the people, all the members and English elders LOVE him, he's really quite hilarious in his own way. President told him in interviews last week that he was leaving (nice, he tells us ahead of time now) and he's been saying goodbye to everyone, singing songs, leaving members crying like he's one of the family, very funny. Hope you guys can meet him someday. Well, he'll be here when you pick me up next year (what?) Fun transfers.

SO. Preciado to Logan. I stay here! And to here.... from the depths of Hyrum, born there in October, and has been there since the beginning of his mission, for 6 months, comes.... ELDER BAQUEDANO!!!! Its CRAZY, I was his trainer, his first companion 6 months ago, and we're going to serve together AGAIN. I'm psyched, he was so cool. I didn't appreciate it at the time, and didn't take advantage of his super enthusiasm and love for the Lord and the people... then I got a harder companion, then got a HARDEr companion... and in retrospect, Elder Baquedano is awesome. So, I'm excited for a second chance with him. He's psyched too. 6 months in the smallest city in Utah, I don't know how he still found Spanish people to teach there after 6 months...

Hmm, so yes, transfers will be crazy again, as always - but exciting. I'm SO happy to stay here in Layton. I love the people here. I know every street, I think, all the apartments and trailers. We've started just taking "adventures" and walking down random streets and finding random people. Works. The ward here is awesome too. Our converts are firm. Carla and her family brought cousins to church, and paid tithing for the 2nd time in two weeks. Jesus Lagunas 1) reactivated his less active neighbors (before being baptized; he went over every sunday and pounded the door till they got up and went with him to church) and now 2) is bringing his sister and a friend to church. Its sweet. The Dazza family will love the letter Mom- their kids can translate it (heck, I can translate it) but I don't have the address on me.

Jeffrey seems to have had an adventure in Graceland, sounds fun... and brother Montgomery is the man. Fun family, you should find out where in Ogden they lived.

Good luck with the homework guys...Masses of moles is ridiculous. And why do we need to learn famous Virginians and such? I learned books of such nonsense, and remember probably only a vague outline of history and basic math functions. And how to read. All I learned in Kindergarten...

Once again, Bishop Henry sounds awesome. Last night was an Elder's last night, Elder Alvarez. Hilarious Elder, stayed over at our apartment, and we stayed up talking about the second coming, and all the prophecies about the last days and such. Pretty intense.
I love you all, and wish you all a good week. Just be firm, seek to keep the Spirit and our testimonies, and don't let the world distract us ever. The Savior is the center of it all, and will help us keep our focus if we consecrate our hearts to Him in faith.

Ps. Yes we can play laser tag. Yes. Lip has healed though wasn't friendly to salsa.

Psndoigjsssss.  Holly is awesome.

SDlkfeojhfkjkjkljpssssss. So is everyone else

Ps3 I decided I can see fine. Wore glasses for a week.

Psss5 Annnnnnnd favor: I have to write letters weekly, and always have to write the mission address.... and being kinda lazy in these aspects, could you print out some address  labels or stickers or something??? just with the address, because sometimes I put my name and sometimes I put President's name or something, but just:

Utah Ogden Mission

2133 Washington Blvd

Ogden, UT 84401

That would be AMAZING.

Pgdspgssssssssss Keep praying for our investigator Karla. Father told her that if she gets baptized, she has to find a new place to live. Help. What do you say to someone in that situation? Crazy. Pray.

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  1. Congrats on staying in Layton, and on getting a nice familiar companion. You will do great things! We'll pray for Karla's situation...hope things improve for her. Love.