Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hey family, How are you doing? So I've got like 10 minutes today, sorry, here we go!

1)A bus ride to Memphis? Jeffrey is crazy.

2) Dentist situation: so I went, apparently a sealing on a back tooth cracked and something got in, he cleaned it out - hah, had 2 shots of novacaine, the first didnt do it, I still felt pain, haha, my face was numb the whole day.  I probably could have chewed my lip off and not felt it. Feels better now.

3) Night on Broadway sounds intense, I'll have to see that later...

4) Not sure if I mentioned it, but went to a lazer tag place and someone punched me in the face with their gun on accident, split my lip nicely, but its better now.

5) Hmm, what else? Carla (who got baptized) paid tithing AGAIN, and Jesus brought his sister to church...

6) Other Karla needs prayers, she is unsure, and her atheist father isn't pleased again. Was going to be baptized Saturday, but we need to see now...

7) Transfers are next Wednesday - my companion is singing a song he wrote "One Weeeeeeeek, one Weeeeeeek" makes me feel quite loved, but that's how Elder P is. Ha. Pray for him. Sheesh.

8) Thanks Dad, I'll send something to Grandma Pat. I'm not sure how effective of a missionary I am, but I'm trying, and trying to think more like the investigators. Its hard to do, but it helps. Its crazy thinking how many people have come into this world without any knowledge of why they are here, and this is their chance to know why. I always had this vision of the mission being perfect beginning to end, and me being at my peak the whole time - I'm learning that we don't become perfect on the mission, that's not the point. The success is helping others come to Christ, focus on them. We need to always do better at putting Jesus Christ first in our lives. Onward... Thanks!

Love, Chris the Elder

Ps Stefan is awesome.

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  1. Whoa! Cracked sealants? Busted lips? Hope you're done with all THAT! Can't believe it's transfer time again....we'll be thinking of you and what changes that may bring. You'll do great anywhere, with anyone....Trust me, you are a wonderful missionary, and a wonderful person.